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Ethical Questions and Concerns


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Ethical Questions and Concerns

Ethics answers the questions of morality. It refers to the well-known standards of what is right and wrong, just or unjust, in terms of rights and fairness.

The goal of the Ethics Advisory Committee is to be a presence to hear and acknowledge concerns among NHF membership. The committee does not wish to become involved in the details of each issue, but instead, to identify trends and patterns. The committee may give gentle guidance concerning what would be appropriate approaches to questionable situations and what could be done, but in a general and nondirective manner.

  • If you submit a question, your name will not be included and any identifying information will be omitted.
  • In order to maintain confidentially, specific details will be changed.
  • Although all submissions will be read by the committee, not all submissions will be discussed and commented on.

The committee strongly recommends that you review comments on past submissions prior to making your submission. Past comments can be found at

In commenting on submissions, the committee refers to the these key ethical concepts. Before submitting your issue to the committee, you may consider reviewing these key concepts, or consider visiting one or more of the following web sites: