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Specialty Pharmacy and Sole Source


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Specialty Pharmacy and Sole Source

Specialty Pharmacy and Sole Source

NHF has long advocated for the hemophilia and related bleeding disorders community to have access to more than one qualified specialty pharmacy provider experienced in hemophilia, and preferably through more than one delivery method (340B and specialty pharmacy). 

Having competition in the market ensures quality for consumers. Furthermore, having specialty pharmacy providers who are experienced with hemophilia and related bleeding disorders ensures patient safety and results in better outcomes. Thus, NHF’s Medical and Scientific Advisory Council (MASAC) has developed MASAC #188, which recommends certain standards that specialty pharmacy providers and 340B pharmacies should adopt to ensure patient safety and quality care. 

NHF will continue to advocate that State Legislatures or Boards of Pharmacy adopt these standards for the benefit of our community, either through legislation or administrative rule. Furthermore, NHF will continue to educate payers about the MASAC #188 and the need for competition in the specialty pharmacy market.

For more information about specialty pharmacy and sole source, check out NHF’s position statement on the issue.