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Gateway Hemophilia Association


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Gateway Hemophilia Association

Gateway Hemophilia Association
14248-F Manchester Road
PMB #310
Manchester, MO 63011
United States
(314) 482-5973
(314) 729-7033

The Gateway Hemophilia Association is a nonprofit, community-based organization, dedicated to advocacy, education and support of families affected by bleeding disorders.

Our organization was formed in 1960 as the Greater St. Louis Chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation. At that time, there were just over 50 hemophilia chapters in the country.

One of the early highlights was a camp for boys (girls were not recognized at that time as being affected by bleeding disorders). Today’s camp experience has grown to include both boys and girls and is a place where children can bond, have fun and learn such important life skills as self-infusion.

Over the years we’ve been known by a few names, including the Bi-state Hemophilia Association. Our current name – Gateway Hemophilia Association – reflects what we are today: a gateway to information and resources for those with bleeding disorders.
Some of our members have been around since the beginning; others are new to the family. But we all share the common bonds of advocacy, activity and mutual support.


Role Email
Dave Decker President
Danielle Flores Camp Contact
Bridget Tyrey Executive Director, Walk & Event Manager


Date Event City State
June 4, 2014 to June 7, 2014 Camp Notaclotamongus Imperial MO