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Texas Central Hemophilia Association


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Texas Central Hemophilia Association

Texas Central Hemophilia Association
12700 Hillcrest Road
Suite 191
Dallas, TX 75230
United States
(972) 386-3865
(972) 386-4211

Texas Central Hemophilia Association Incorporated (the "Association") is a not-for-profit corporation. The Association was formed to promote opportunities for improving the quality of life for all affected by hemophilia and related bleeding and clotting disorders so that each can fulfill his or her individual potential. The ultimate aim is to find a cure.

Toward those ends, the Association is committed to provide and support programs of research; patient, public and professional education; and patient, family and community services. Public and private contributions support these activities.

The mission of the Texas Central Hemophilia Association (TexCen), in support of North Texans, is to promote advocacy, to support efforts for finding a cure, to increase awareness within the general public and to provide a support network for our members.


Role Email
Jacob Benker President
Brendan Hayes Executive Director, Walk & Event Manager

Advocacy Efforts

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Essential Health Benefit Benchmark Plans August 28, 2012