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Program Goal

The goal of the National Youth Leadership Institute (NYLI) at the National Hemophilia Foundation is to provide youth in the bleeding disorders community with leadership opportunities to effect change and positively influence others.

Program Overview

The National Hemophilia Foundation has designed the National Youth Leadership Institute to assist young people from the bleeding disorders community to become well trained, recognized leaders. In addition, NYLI provides an amazing opportunity for youth to learn and share experiences of living with a bleeding disorder. NHF achieves these outcomes by providing young adults with training, support and opportunities to provide education to the bleeding disorders community.

Applications are released each October. Youth may remain in the program for three years total, but they are requested to renew their membership annually by completing a renewal form. 

Program Objectives

  1. Increase leadership opportunities for NYLI members
  2. Increase education for the bleeding disorders community
  3. Increase visibility and reach of NHF messaging

NYLI members will meet these objectives through trainings, educational programming and internships. Below is a list of the activities members will be expected to take part in. Each year will include Annual Meeting and Spring Leadership training, but responsibilities within each year will vary slightly allowing for growth and unique opportunities.

  • Annual Meeting Training
  • Annual Meeting Educational Components
  • Annual Meeting Volunteers
  • Leadership Training in NYC - First-Year Members
  • Washington Days - Second and Third-Year Members
  • Deliver programs at local level - Third-Year Members