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Art Stars: A Conversation About Creativity


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Art Stars: A Conversation About Creativity

September 20, 2014
11:30 AM to 1:15 PM
Consumer/New Family

The Art Stars panel discussion will cover clinical evidence surrounding the efficacy of art therapy in chronic conditions, unique implementations of creative success in the bleeding disorders community and an Art Stars programming overview. We’ll discuss how and why integrating art therapy as a part of your care plan can increase positive health outcomes, share personal experiences and advice for working within the creative economy and examine the impact programs like the Art Stars Exhibition & Trading Cards Series can have when used to recognize alternative versions of success--from arts and music to activism and ingenuity. You will be given examples of creative activities to try at home, an understanding of how working creatively can be sustainable, the confidence to encourage creative success, an awareness about how images are used to represent our community and how we can reclaim them for ourselves.

Patrick James Lynch, BFA
Sarah Watson, MA, LLPC
Justin Levesque, BFA