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Celebrating 20 Years of Blood Safety and the Ricky Ray Act


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Celebrating 20 Years of Blood Safety and the Ricky Ray Act

September 19, 2014
10:30 AM to 12:00 PM
Consumer/New Family
Chapter Staff

This plenary session will commemorate the beginning of the bleeding disorders community’s campaign to pass and fund the Ricky Ray Relief Act, which authorized a compensation program for individuals infected with HIV from blood products, and address the need for greater blood safety and blood product safety in the US.
In 1994, several members of Congress brought to the attention of Donna Shalala, then Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) in the Clinton Administration, their concerns regarding the impact of HIV/AIDS on men with hemophilia and their families. Secretary Shalala turned to the Institute of Medicine (IOM) for assistance and requested a study, which resulted in the IOM Report, HIV and the Blood Supply, which became our community’s call to action. We are pleased to say many of the blood safety recommendations included in the report have been implemented, resulting in a safer national blood supply.
During this session, Dana Kuhn will set the stage by presenting some of the history behind the bleeding disorders organizations’ advocacy efforts. He will be followed by Donna Shalala, now president of the University of Miami, who will discuss the public health issues related to HIV/AIDs that she faced as HHS secretary, specifically as they related to the safety of the blood supply.

Donna Shalala, PhD
Dana Kuhn, PhD
Michael Stoto, PhD
Bruce Lesley
Wendy Selig