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Roundtables: College, Career and Beyond


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Roundtables: College, Career and Beyond

September 19, 2014
3:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Consumer/New Family

ROUNDTABLE #1: Applying Yourself: The Job Search – This interactive roundtable will focus on resume building, interviewing techniques and how to make a good impression with a potential employer. We will identify the most important points for a resume to include and if it’s vital to disclose your bleeding disorder and when. You will walk away with the tools needed to feel confident in the interview process and to frame yourself as a potential employee. ROUNDTABLE #2: Disability Accommodations in College and Beyond – This dynamic roundtable will help you determine what to consider when selecting a college. You will discuss campus disability accommodations, how to get to classes and navigate campus, and how to transition your healthcare from high school and parents to college and independence. You will take home a good knowledge of the resources that are available for students with bleeding disorders to help you transition from high school to college. ROUNDTABLE #3: What’s Next? Alternative Plans After High School – If college is not for you, what is your plan? This engaging roundtable will explore career and alternative education paths beyond high school. Find out what options are available to you, discuss important things to consider when choosing your path, including a career that works with your bleeding disorder. ROUNDTABLE #4: Creating Your Campus Experience – This roundtable is for you if you want to know what college life is going to be like. We’ll discuss how to have fun while staying safe in a new setting away from home. We’ll get into the debate about disclosing your bleeding disorder to peers on campus and what to be aware of. You’ll learn how to get involved in campus activities, connect with others who have bleeding disorders on campus, navigate your social life while managing your bleeding disorder, and how to advocate for your own needs in your new environment.

Ben Shuldiner, MSEd
Sachin Rudraraju
Tim Miller, MEd
Nikole Scappe
Don Molter, MSEd
Michael Drab
Sara Jestrab
Shaina Jenson
Sami Jankins