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Roundtables: Family Expectations


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Roundtables: Family Expectations

September 19, 2014
1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Consumer/New Family

ROUNDTABLE #1: Changing the Dream: Parent’s Expectations After Diagnosis – When your child is born with a chronic medical condition like a bleeding disorder, what you expected to be a joyous event may be tinged with disappointment, frustration, fear and uncertainty. Join us for this special roundtable and learn from other parents how to cope and rise above your emotions to help your child succeed. ROUNDTABLE #2: Guilt: The Blame Game – Guilt is a powerful emotion that can direct how we act and react to those we love. It can be especially strong when a family member is diagnosed with a bleeding disorder. Join us for a dynamic roundtable discussion, where you can share your stories on how guilt affected you or a loved one. We will explore ideas and methods that can help you deal with guilt. ROUNDTABLE #3: Dad’s Empowerment: Where Is My Place? During this session we will focus on the important role of fathers in the care, nurturing and provision of treatment of children with bleeding disorders. We will discuss the ways in which fathers can inadvertently find themselves on the outside looking in, as mothers take on the dominant caregiving role. By the end of the session you will learn the ways in which your role as a father can be valued, appreciated and incorporated into the daily life in the family, and how to communicate with and be an active participant in the family in the care of your child. ROUNDTABLE #4: The Power of Failure: Making Us Stronger – At one time or another, all of us have blown our fuses, mishandled something, made mistakes. That’s okay. During this session we will discover what we can learn from those experiences, what triggers those overwhelming feelings of failure and then how we can do better next time. We can learn to forgive ourselves for our mistakes.

Joanne Fadale Wagner, MSW, LICSW, CCM
Laurel J. Pennick, MSSW, LCSW
Nancy G. Hatcher, MSW, LCSW
Diane S. Standish, LSW