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Roundtables: Free to Be Me: Respect My Diversity


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Roundtables: Free to Be Me: Respect My Diversity

September 20, 2014
11:30 AM to 1:15 PM
Consumer/New Family

Join us for an interactive session that will start with a panel of individuals from the bleeding disorders community with different backgrounds and beliefs. We will discuss how culture, religion and family traditions affect decisions in obtaining treatment of your bleeding disorder and participation in bleeding disorder-related events. Then we will break into roundtables where you can share your story with others. You will learn and be able to identify the cultural, religious and family traditions that have shaped your healthcare habits, and what ideas and actions can be implemented to improve your healthcare.

Beverly Babin-Woods
Dwayne Graham
Connie Montgomery
Nicole Quinn-Gato, JD
Cathy M. Tiggs, MSSA, LISW