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The Ethics of Self-Care


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The Ethics of Self-Care

September 18, 2014
1:30 PM to 4:30 PM
Social Workers

In this session social workers will learn the essential role of self-care and self-awareness as the underlying foundations of ethical practice. Participants will be presented with examples of how a lack of self-care increases the potential for blurred boundaries, resentment toward patients, impaired professional judgment and burn out. A case will be made that these professional pitfalls and others have the capacity to undermine ethical decision-making and best practices. Social workers also will learn why an emphasis on social justice must include the self. Professionals can be role models for self-care while instilling and supporting this value in others.

Ruth Lipschutz, LCSW, ACSW
Sabrina Farina, LMSW
Cathy Hulbert, LCSW