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Current State of Health Reform

Health reform continues to dominate the agendas of the White House and Congress, with both chambers working furiously to pass comprehensive legislation this summer. The current focus of reform legislation is three-fold: (1) providing insurance coverage to all Americans, (2) reducing the cost of medical care and (3) improving quality of care by changing financial incentives.

While the parties agree on these overarching goals, the devil is in the details on how to achieve them.  Media attention will continue to focus on the controversial elements of health reform, including a public insurance plan option, the taxability of employee health benefits, and individual and/or employer mandates.  Please read an overview of these and other relevant concepts in the health reform debate, drafted by Sally McCarty, NHF insurance and advocacy consultant. 

As a result of NHF’s successful advocacy efforts, all of the major health reform proposals include an elimination of lifetime caps.  In addition, we are also monitoring provisions related to coverage, access and cost, including such items as pre-existing conditions, out-of-pocket maximums, access to specialists and the full range of therapies.  NHF is working with the Plasma Users Group to analyze each bill as it relates to individuals with rare, high-cost chronic conditions.  Please read a letter that the Plasma Users Group sent to the Senate Finance Committee on its health reform proposal.



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