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Medical News

Medical News for April 2014 eNotes

FDA Approves First Long-acting rFIX Therapy

NHF’s Nurses’ Guide Updated

Australian Collaboration Produces Bleeding Disorders App

NHF Announces Judith Graham Pool Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Recipients

Medical News for March 2014 eNotes

Nurses' Guide Updated

Medical News for February 2014 eNotes

Hemophilia B Study Shows Benefit of Secondary Prophylaxis

Register Now for 2014 THSNA Summit

New Website Contains Latest HCV Treatment and Management Recommendations

Medical News for January 2014 eNotes

Gene Therapy Research Using Platelet Cells Could Benefit Inhibitor Patients

Baxter Receives FDA Approval for FEIBA for Prophylactic Treatment in Inhibitor Patients

FDA Approves Gilead’s Sovaldi, First Interferon-sparing HCV Therapy

Novo Receives FDA Approval for rFXIII Therapy

Medical News for December 2013 eNotes

FDA Approves Simeprevir, New HCV Oral Therapy; Approval Pending for Sofosbuvir

Medical News for November 2013 eNotes

CHOP Invests in Spark and Gene Therapy’s Future

Hematology Researchers Elected to IOM

Medical News for September 2013 eNotes

Mount Sinai Researchers Discover HCV Can Replicate in Macaques

NHF Announces the 2013 NHF/Novo Nordisk Career Development Award Recipient

ASH to Honor Esteemed Gene Therapy Researcher

Medical News for July 2013 eNotes

Experimental Hemophilia B Gene Therapy Tricks the Immune System

NHF Offers New Online Provider Education Opportunity

NHF Announces 2013 NHF-Baxter Clinical Fellows, New Institutions Join Program

Medical News for August 2013 eNotes

Baxter’s Rixubis is First New rFIX Therapy in 15 Years

Abbott’s New Test Screens HCV Genotypes

Medical News for May 2013 eNotes

Seaweed Derivative Promotes Clotting in Hemophilia Patients

NGC Accepts WFH’s Hemophilia Management Guidelines

Medical News for April 2013 eNotes

Toddler with HIV Potentially Cured

Pediatric Organization Urges Ruling Out Bleeding Disorders When Evaluating Child Abuse

Hepatitis Researcher to Receive Canadian Award

Medical News for March 2013 eNotes

NIH Funding Cuts Could Limit Research Grants and Jobs

Medical News for February 2013 eNotes

International Study Finds Similar Inhibitor Risk for FVIII Products

Researchers Discover Genetic Links to VWF

New Blood Center in Philadelphia

Medical News for January 2013 eNotes

Progress Continues in Hemophilia B Gene Therapy Study

Study Recruiting Hemophilia Patients with HCV for Clinical Trial

VA Study Reveals “Real World” Results of HCV Treatment with DAAs

FDA Issues Safety Warning for Severe Skin Rashes From HCV Drug Telaprevir

Laser Therapy for Gum Disease Benefits Bleeding Disorders Patients

Medical News for December 2012 eNotes

Liver Meeting Updates HCV Drug Therapies in Development

MASAC Issues Four New Documents

Medical News for November 2012 eNotes

Organ Transplants Increasing in HIV Patients

Medical News for October 2012 eNotes

University of Pittsburgh Recruiting Adults for Prophylaxis Study

NHF Announces 2012 Clinical Fellowship Awardees

ASH Honors Pioneers in Hematology Research

Registration Open for 2013 WFH International Musculoskeletal Congress

Medical News for July 2012 eNotes

Michigan Researchers Create Stem Cell Lines for Hemophilia B

Medical News for June 2012 eNotes

Experts Seek Consistent HCV Nomenclature

Medical News for May 2012 eNotes

Researchers Combat HIV with Engineered Stem Cells

Medical News for April 2012 eNotes

Medical College of Wisconsin Receives NIH Grant for VWD Studies

Researchers Discover Intricacies of Interferon

Medical News for March 2012 eNotes

Common HIV Drug Can Cause Kidney Disease

Merck Warns of HCV/HIV Drug Interactions

Medical News for February 2012 eNotes

Preliminary Recommendations for Protease Inhibitors in Co-infected Patients

Investigators Publish Two Studies Using UDC Data

Medical News for January 2012 eNotes

Research Breakthrough in Gene Therapy for Hemophilia B

TSA Launches Helpline for Fliers with Medical Conditions and Disabilities

FDA Approves HIV Vaccine for Human Trials

Medical News for December 2011 eNotes

BloodCenter of Wisconsin Adds New VWD Tests

Investigators Create Therapy-Producing Blood Vessels in Mice

Researchers Compare Pharmacokinetics of Two VWD Therapies

Medical News for November 2011 eNotes

New Practice Guidelines for HCV Genotype 1

UNC Investigators Report HIV Replicates in Other Cells

Take Time to Participate in the Quality of Life Survey

Medical News for October 2011 eNotes

CDC Revises Guidelines to Reduce Transplant-Related Infections

HCV Drug Resistance Test Now Available in US

Kidney Damage Elevated in Patients with HIV and Diabetes

Medical News for September 2011 eNotes

New Guidelines to Prevent Blood Clots in Pregnant Women

NHF Recruiting Participants for HERO Survey

NC Chapter Seeks Participants for Quality of Life Study

Medical News for August 2011 eNotes

NHF Selects New NHF-Baxter Clinical Fellows

NHF Awards Two Judith Graham Pool Postdoctoral Research Fellowships

NHF Announces 2011 NHF/Novo Nordisk Career Development Award Recipient

Medical News for July 2011 eNotes

Genome "Editing" Corrects Hemophilia B in Mice

Medical News for June 2011 eNotes

FDA Approves Two New HCV Drugs

Medical News for May 2011 eNotes

Michigan Researchers Develop Disease-Specific Stem Cell Lines

Penn Reviews 20 Years of Gene Therapy Research

Medical News for April 2011 eNotes

Report Targets Source of Contaminated Alcohol Pads

Medical News for March 2011 eNotes

FDA Approves FXIII Deficiency Product

Study Shows Benefits of Early Prophylaxis in Children

International Study Finds Misdiagnosis in Rarest VWD Type

Medical News for February 2011 eNotes

Millions in Grants for UF’s Hemophilia Research Program

Medical News for January 2011 eNotes

Hemophilia B Gene Therapy Trial Yields Promising Results

Survey Underscores HTC Prophylaxis Adherence

Medical News for November 2010 eNotes

Plants Help Prevent Inhibitors and Allergic Reactions

Study Shows Oral Tranexamic Acid Treats Menorrhagia

Actavis Issues Pain Patch Voluntarily Recall

Medical News for October 2010 eNotes

Research Update: Lab Rats Could Enhance Hemophilia Research

Review of Care and Treatment: Bleeding Disorders Patients in the ER

Wall Street Journal Article Stresses Importance of Medical IDs

Medical News for September 2010 eNotes

Research Update: DNA Affects VWD Testing in African Americans

Baxter Issues Drug Warning for FEIBA Products

CHOP Researchers Study Factors V and VIII Activation

London Researchers Study Menorrhagia in Girls with Bleeding Disorders

Medical News for July 2010 eNotes

Swedish Study Assesses Osteoporosis Prevention in People with Severe Hemophilia

Results of Obesity Review in Mississippi’s Hemophilia Population

Researcher Receives NIH Grant for Hemophilia A Inhibitor Study

Medical News for June 2010 eNotes

FDA Hearing on Expanding Access to Antivirals for HCV Patients

Mayo Clinic Study Shows Women with Bleeding Disorders’ Satisfaction with Global Endometrial Ablation

AANP Launches Educational Initiative for Young Women with VWD

2010 NHF-Baxter Clinical Fellowship Award Recipients Announced

Medical News for May 2010 eNotes

Mayo Clinic Examines Circumcision-Induced Bleeding

UNC Uses Stimulus Funds for Animal Research Facilities

Mount Sinai Hematologist and Researcher Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Medical News for April 2010 eNotes

H1N1 Flu Update

Research Update: Gene Therapy for Hemophilia B Enters New Development Phase

Agencies Streamline Orphan Drug Submission Process

Medical News for March 2010 eNotes

FDA Warns Consumers of Possible Side Effects Related to Confusing Maalox® Labels

H1N1 Flu Update

NHLBI Grants to Drive Stem Cell Research for Blood Disorders

Research Update: Lungs Help Regulate Clotting

Medical News for February 2010 eNotes

H1N1 Monthly Update

Carriers May Opt for Safe Caesarean Delivery  


Chinese Study of Pegylated Interferon in Co-Infected Hemophilia Patients


BloodCenter of Wisconsin Establishes New Institute


Study Shows Benefits of Prophylaxis in Children with Hemophilia B

Medical News for January 2010 eNotes

H1N1 Vaccine Distribution

New HCV Therapy Shows Promise in Early Trials

FDA Approves New von Willebrand Disease Product

Vigorous Athletic Activity May Not Harm Children with Hemophilia

Medical News for December 2009 eNotes

H1N1 Vaccine Distribution

FDA Approves New Indication for Tranexamic Acid

Medical News for November 2009 eNotes

H1N1 Vaccine Distribution

Study Documents Disparities in Hemophilia A Prevalence

Patients in Italy Respond Well to Hepatitis C Treatment

Research Update: Investigators Review Confusing Case of VWD Misdiagnosis

Medical News for October 2009 eNotes

FDA Approves Vaccines for H1N1 Virus

HTCs Report on Adult Prophylaxis for Hemophilia A

Australian Boys with Bleeding Disorders Perform Well in Fitness Tests

Medical News for September 2009 eNotes

Duke Study Links Genetic Determinant with HCV Therapy Success

Concerns Still Raised as H1N1 Influenza A (Swine Flu) Cases Spread Nationwide

Research Update: T Cells are Key Players in Immune System Tolerance of Clotting Factor

Medical News for August 2009 eNotes

Research Update: Aging Hemophilia Patients Experience Clinical Challenges

Concerns Still Raised as H1N1 Influenza A (Swine Flu) Cases Spread Nationwide

Duke Researchers Review Hysterectomy Risks in Women with VWD

Medical News for July 2009 eNotes

Research Update: Synthetic Interferon, a New Option for HCV Patients

Concerns Still Raised as H1N1 Influenza A (Swine Flu) Cases Spread Nationwide

Research Update: “Sleeping Beauty” Helps Correct Hemophilia A in Mice

Data Reported on Severe Type 3 VWD Patients

Pioneering Bleeding Disorders Researcher Dies at 87

Medical News for June 2009 eNotes

Concerns Still Elevated as H1N1 Influenza A (Swine Flu) Cases Spread Nationwide

Research Update: FVIIa Successfully Treats Canine Hemophilia

International Panel To Publish Findings on Menorrhagia

Italian Study Assesses Total Knee Replacement in Hemophilia

Medicare Not Ready to Pay for Genetic Tests for Warfarin Dosing

Obama Appoints NYC Health Commissioner as CDC Director

Medical News for May 2009 eNotes

Research Update: Gene “Hijacked” to Produce Factor VIII

Research Update: Inhibitor Development in Blacks with Hemophilia A Linked to Genotypes

Research Update: Hemophilia Patients with HCV/HIV Benefit from HAART

Dutch Boys with Hemophilia Demonstrate Physical Fitness

Canadian Researcher Reviews CVADs Side Effects in Immune Tolerance Therapy

Medical News for April 2009 eNotes

Study Shows Prophylactic Use of APCC Effective in Inhibitor Patients

Immune Tolerance Study Shows Promise for Hemophilia A

Multi-site Study Compares Menorrhagia Drugs’ Efficacy

Medical News for March 2009 eNotes

Hemophilia B Gene Therapy Vector Shows Promise

Medical News for February 2009 eNotes

FDA Licenses First Concentrate for Factor I Deficiency

Study Indicates Stem Cells Can Fight AIDS

Medical News for January 2009 eNotes

New Test Developed by SLU Researchers May Predict HCV Therapy Success

University of Rochester Team Makes Progress on Advanced FVIII

Medical News for December 2008 eNotes

Wisconsin Researchers Use Bone Marrow to Treat Mice with Hemophilia A

Duke Study To Investigate HIV Resistance Factors in Hemophilia

Medical News for November 2008 eNotes

Norwegian Researchers Identify Risk Factors for Obstetric Bleeding

Duke Study Shows IUD Can Reduce the Length of Heavy Periods

IHP Launches New Hemophilia Certificare Program for Nurses

Manno Appointed Chair of NYU Pediatrics Department

Medical News for October 2008 eNotes

ASH Launches Web Site to Educate Consumers on Blood

Company Issues Warnings After Patients Develop Leukemia

Study Suggests Single Dose Regimen Helps Treat Joint Bleeds in Inhibitor Patients

Medical News for September 2008 eNotes

New Study Will Monitor Postpartum Bleeding in VWD Patients

ITP Drug Receives FDA Approval

Canadian Researchers Find Some Women at Lower Risk for Recurrent Thrombosis

Medical News for August 2008 eNotes

Dutch Study Measures Aerobic Capacity in Boys with Hemophilia

Puget Sound Blood Center Founder/Director/Researcher to Retire

Medical News for July 2008 eNotes

Groundbreaking Researcher Dies at 91

Medical News for June 2008 eNotes

CDC Appoints New Division of Blood Disorders Director

Scientists Report Advances in Novel Gene Therapy Vector

Modified FVIII Protein May Block Inhibitors

Pakistani Physicians Discuss Complications in Women with Bleeding Disorders

Medical News for April 2008 eNotes

Heparin Contaminant Identified

Researchers Discover Safer Anti-clotting Therapy

Medical News for March 2008 eNotes

NHLBI Issues First US VWD Guidelines

Transplanted Liver Cells Correct Hemophilia A in Mice

Patient Side Effects Cause Baxter To Suspend Heparin Production

CLSI Publishes New Guidelines for Coagulation Testing

Medical News for February 2008 eNotes

FDA Approves New HIV Drug for Hard-to-Treat Patients

Researchers Discover Minor Leg Injuries Can Increase Thrombosis Risk

FDA Approves Revised Label for Contraceptive Patch

Medical News for January 2008 eNotes

Scientists Use Stem Cells To Correct Sickle Cell Anemia in Mice

HTC Publishes Study on Epidural Anesthesia in Pregnant Women with VWD

British Patient Undergoing Gene Therapy Develops Leukemia

Danish Research Shows Sustained Clot Formation in Hemophilia A Patients Treated with Dual Therapy

Medical News for November 2007 eNotes

Hemophilia Treatment Center Releases Study Data on Menorrhagia in Adolescent Patients

Hematologist/Researcher Elected to Institute of Medicine

Medical News for October 2007 eNotes

New Genetic Test for Warfarin Dosing Receives FDA Approval

Plasma Shortfall in China Spurs Government and Community Response

Medical News for September 2007 eNotes

Joint Outcome Study Results Published in the New England Journal of Medicine

Maraviroc Receives FDA Approval

FDA Approves Revised Labeling for Coumadin®

Study Published on Hemophilia B Gene Therapy by Intramuscular Injection

Medical News for August 2007 eNotes

Study Identifies Predictors for HCV Treatment Success or Failure

Experts Debate Gene Therapy Vectors

Gene Therapy Clinical Trial Patient Dies

New Oral HIV Drug Close to Approval in Europe

Medical News for July 2007 eNotes

UK Researchers Study Postpartum Bleeding in Women with Factor XI Deficiency

European Hematology Association Recognizes Thrombophilia Expert

Study Reveals Pregnancy Complications in Women with von Willebrand Disease

Medical News for May 2007 eNotes

National Academy of Sciences Elects Bleeding Disorders Researcher

VCU Researchers Evaluate Liver Biopsy in Hemophilia

Medical News for April 2007 eNotes

Pioneering Hematologist and Researcher Honored by UCI

UCSF Scientists Examine Procedure to Relieve Cirrhosis Complications

New Drug Candidate Could Circumvent Disease-Causing Genetic Mutation

Medical News for March 2007 eNotes

A New Class of HIV Therapies Facing Approval

Scientists Identify Protein Involved in HCV Infection

Mice Teach Humans about von Willebrand Disease

Medical News for February 2007 eNotes

Study Uses DNA Testing to Monitor Warfarin Therapy

St. Jude Opens New Clinic for Children with Cancer and Blood Disorders

Research Update: “A Bare Bones Approach to Gene Therapy”

Medical News for January 2007 eNotes

Emory University Scientists Study CDC Inhibitor Data

UC Scientists Study Local Population for Brain Bleeding in Warfarin Patients

A New Diagnostic Test for Hemophilia A


2006 Medical News Archive

2005 Medical News Archive


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