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Research Update: CDC to Release Progress Report on Hemostasis and Thrombosis Centers

In 2001, the Division of Hereditary Blood Disorders at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) commissioned a pilot program to provide comprehensive healthcare to people with clotting disorders at select U.S. Hemostasis and Thrombosis Centers (HTCs). To determine the effectiveness of this program, the eight pilot sites provided a detailed profile of the types of patients who were served and the overall quality of healthcare services.


Soon to be published in the Journal of Thrombosis and Thrombolysis, the report confirms that HTCs serve a significant number of people with clotting disorders. At the core of each HTC is a dedicated clinical staff that includes pediatric and adult hematologists, nurses, social workers and physical therapists. This collaborative team ensures that patients receive comprehensive healthcare, providing excellent clinical services that address most, if not all, of their medical needs.


The study maintains that HTCs not only provide an excellent environment to train future medical professionals, but also have extensive laboratories needed to properly manage the diverse coagulation disorders of patients who frequented the pilot sites. In addition, the study points out that only 20% of physicians currently registered at major research hospitals are from the U.S. and are younger than 40 years old. This statistic may indicate a future shortage of hematologists devoted to coagulation disorders and highlights the importance of attracting new medical professionals to the field. The study identifies the numerous resources available at these pilot sites that can also be used to attract young investigators and health professionals to the field of hemostasis research and clinical care.


Source: Dowling, NF, et al. The U.S. Thrombosis and Hemostasis Centers Pilot Sites Program. Journal of Thrombosis and Thrombolysis. 2006; in press.

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