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2006 Medical News Archive

Medical News for December 2006 eNotes

FDA Confirms Low Risk for Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease

Medical News for November 2006 eNotes

College in Wisconsin Receives Federal Grant for VWD Research

Professional Medical Organizations Collaborate on Menstruation Report

Tissue Factor May Help Predict Clots

FDA Grants Approval to Market Thrombophilia Test

Hemophilia Nurse Honored for Pediatric Care and Educational Efforts

Research Update: When Things Don’t Add up: The Immunology of HIV/HCV Coinfection

Research Update: Study Focuses on Surface Wounds in Hemophilia B

Research Update: CDC to Release Progress Report on Hemostasis and Thrombosis Centers

Medical News for October 2006 eNotes

Gene Therapy Research Focuses on Nonviral Delivery

Two Pharmaceutical Companies to Develop a Recombinant Factor VIIa Product

Canadians Improve Tool to Measure Quality of Life

NovoSeven® Approved for Use in Acquired Hemophilia Patients

FDA Issues New Guidelines for Manufacturers of Biologics

Research Update: Blood Test Measures Risk for Recurrent Venous Thromboembolism

Research Update: Less is More with Synthetic Inhibitors for Activated Protein C

Medical News for September 2006 eNotes

Drug Regimen May Lead to Improved Treatment in Hemophilia Patients

Upcoming Study Will Investigate Genetics and Warfarin Dosage

Hepatitis C Study Looks for Genetic Links Among Siblings with Hemophilia

Hemophilia Prevention Data Appear in Leading Public Health Journal

Panel to Discuss Federal Guidelines for HIV Testing

Medical News for August 2006 eNotes

Scientists Develop a Test to Measure the Potential of Blood Clot Recurrence

Naked DNA, Scientifically Speaking

Revelations on Carrier Status

Gene Transfer to Treat von Willebrand Disease

Medical News for July 2006 eNotes

Newly Published International Guidelines for VTE

FDA and Boehringer Ingelheim Alert Healthcare Professionals to Serious Bleeding

FDA Approves Three-In-One HIV Combination Therapy

Report on Long-Term Factor VIII Expression from Gene Therapy

Operation Platelet: Covert Approach to Clot Formation

Gene Therapy, Golden to the Core

Medical News for June 2006 eNotes

Study Indicates Healthy Air Travelers Not at Increased Risk for DVT

U.S. HCV Trial Favors Weight-based Dosing of Combination Therapy

MicroRNA a Key Component of Gene Therapy Study

FDA Will Require Wholesalers to Track Drugs

Medical News for May 2006 eNotes

Genetic Test May Predict Onset of Serious Complication in Hepatitis C Patients

Enrollment Open for Hepatitis C Vaccine Trial

Medical News for April 2006 eNotes

Specialty Pharmacy Launches Program for Inhibitor Patients

Novelos Seeks IND Status for New Hepatitis Drug

Breakthrough by Stanford Researcher May Lead to New Hepatitis C Treatment

Baxter Marks Progress of World Federation of Hemophilia’s GAP Program

Medical News for March 2006 eNotes

International Survey Reveals Trends in Hemophilia A Management

HFM Receives Grant from Baxter to Expand AdvoyMobile Usage

Study Targets Non-Genetic Factors of HCV Clearance in Hemophilia Patients

Novo Nordisk Opens Hemostasis Research Facility in New Jersey

Medical News for February 2006 eNotes

Largest AIDS Treatment Study Cut Short

FDA Objects to Certain Promotional Materials for Kogenate FS®

Mount Sinai Enhances Diagnostic Capabilities

Baxter International Foundation Health Recovery Fund Helps Restore Services

Source MDx Receives NIH Grant for New Diagnostic Test

Medical News for January 2006 eNotes

Canadian Researchers Report Progress in Hepatitis C Vaccine Development

Study Investigates Technique for Improving Immune Responses to Chronic Viral Infections

University Scientists Study Molecule’s Role in Blood Coagulation

Schering-Plough Initiates Worldwide Clinical Trial on HCV/HIV Co-infection

Two Companies Reach Agreement to Develop Recombinant Factor IX Product