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Get Involved in Pain Awareness Month Activities

September is Pain Awareness Month and the American Pain Foundation (APF) is encouraging people to participate in activities across the country, including its newly launched “Conquering Pain Together” project. The focus of the project is highlighting the effects of undertreated pain on consumers and their families, and in the workplace and in the community. APF has created a Web site for the project, where you can sign a petition, get information on local projects and receive a toolkit of materials.

The project is led by the Power Over Pain Action Network, a grassroots group of volunteers consisting of people living with pain, their caregivers and healthcare providers. Their goals are to transform pain care in the United States by raising awareness, promote pain policy and legislation, providing education at the state and national levels, and creating a national movement of pain care advocates.

The American Pain Foundation in a nonprofit organization based in Baltimore, MD, that serves people with pain through information, advocacy and support. For more information, visit the APF Web site.


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