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NHF Announces New Online Education Curriculum

NHF is excited to announce its collaboration with Pfizer Hemophilia on a new online education curriculum.  This initiative is also supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and NHF is working with QD Healthcare, a medical education company, on building the Web site infrastructure. 

Steps for Living
is an on-line, life stages education curriculum for individuals and families affected by bleeding disorders.  Recognizing the need to continue supporting families not only in the first years of a child’s life, but throughout the various stages of a child’s development, NHF is developing this comprehensive curriculum. Steps for Living will build on the success of the First Step program and will provide an outlet for families through which they can continue their education and involvement with their local chapter as their child grows and his/her needs change.  Further, Steps for Living is in keeping with one of the five Priority Areas under NHF’s 5-year ACT initiative, “Education for All Life Stages,” through which NHF is committed to responding to the evolving needs of people with bleeding disorders throughout various stages of their lives.

The Steps for Living curriculum will contain three different modules targeted at three separate age groups:

   •  First Step for ages 0-8 
   •  Next Step for ages 9-15
   •  Stepping Out for ages 16-25

Steps for Living information and resources for all three modules will be targeted directly to three main audiences: consumers, chapters and HTC staff. It will be further divided into topics of importance to each audience. First Step will focus on the basics of bleeding disorders, negotiating parent/provider relationships and childcare issues.  Next Step will provide information about working with schools (legal rights, educating school staff, PE class, fieldtrips); gaining independence at home; and healthy decision making (vacation/travel, organized sports, and nutrition).  Stepping Out will cover topics such as diagnosis disclosure, dating, career choices, moving away to college and adherence to the treatment regimen. 

Stay tuned for more information regarding the Spring launch of NHF’s Steps for Living.


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