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First Step Materials
There are a variety of First Step materials available for parents and families of newly diagnosed children with
bleeding disorders. For more information contact HANDI at 800-42-HANDI or
First Step Brochure - For Chapters, Associations, HTCs
This brochure, for chapters, associations and HTCs, contains background information and provides recommendations on how to start a First Step program.
(8 panels)
Hemophilia Treatment Centers: Making a Lifetime of Difference Brochure
This brochure covers information on hemophilia treatment centers and highlights supporting CDC data on why it is important to get an annual comprehesive checkup at an HTC.
(8 panels)
NHF National Prevention Program Brochure
This brochure gives a brief overview of the program and outlines five key preventive strategies to ensure a longer, healthier life with hemophilia.
(4 panels)
First Step Brochure – For New Families
Chapters/associations, HTCs, and parent mentors are encouraged to mail and distribute these First Step brochures to parents and families of newly diagnosed children.  The brochures contain information on all First Step resources and include a tear-off reply card that parents can mail back to the chapter, association or HTC.  There is space on the brochures to customize them for the individual chapter, association or HTC.
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Bleeding Disorders Resources
Von Willebrand Disease: Just the FAQs
For both males and females with von Willebrand disease (VWD), this booklet describes the signs and symptoms of the disorder, explains its inheritance, provides a summary of the classification system for VWD, explains treatment options and products and discusses lifestyle concerns.
(Copyright 2000; 21 pages)
Childcare Publications
Caring for your Child with Hemophilia
This publication provides parents of children newly diagnosed with hemophilia answers to their basic questions. Aspects covered include inheritance, current treatments, sports, insurance issues and more.
(Copyright 2001; 33 pages)
The Child with a Bleeding Disorder: Guidelines for Finding Childcare
This pamphlet provides a helpful guide for parents of children with bleeding disorders as they make choices about in-home care, cooperative childcare, center-based childcare and choosing a daycare center. Also included is a checklist of provider services and helpful hints for babysitters and other family caretakers.
(Copyright 2001; 8 pages)
The Child with a Bleeding Disorder: First Aid for School Personnel
A publication aimed at school nurses and teachers who have a student with a bleeding disorder. Descriptions of typical injuries and other incidences when bleeding occurs are discussed with proper steps that need to be followed as well as standard precautions and medications.
(Copyright 2001; 6 panels)
First Step Welcome Kit
First Step Welcome Kit
The First Step Welcome Kit contains useful items for families, including a babysitter magnet and first aid kit. It is for families of newly diagnosed children.
Hemophilia Sports and Exercise Publication
Playing it Safe: Bleeding Disorders, Sports and Exercise
This booklet presents valuable information for the person with a bleeding disorder or his/her parents to consider before participating in sports and exercise. Topics include conditioning, stretching and strengthening, and aerobic training. A color-coded safety rating table of more than 80 sports, exercises and activities is also provided. Available in Spanish.
(44 pages)
Sample Letters

Hemophilia Emergency Care Letter - Download Sample letter
Sample letter that physician can send to an emergency care provider that defines hemophilia and outlines dosage guidelines for ordering factor concentrates.

Childcare/Preschool Providers - Download Sample Letter 1
Recommended for:  Daycare center, preschool, elementary school.

Childcare/Preschool Providers - Download Sample Letter 2
Recommended for:  Afterschool activity, school trip, overnight at a family/friend’s house.

MASAC Recommendations
Medical and Scientific Advisory Council (MASAC) Recommendations
NHF's MASAC (composed of prominent bleeding disorders medical experts) issues treatment recommendations on a regular basis which are published as a set once a year.
NHF Resources
NHF Publications Catalog
Catalog of current NHF publications for people with bleeding disorders. *Contact HANDI (800) 42-HANDI or for ordering information.
WWW Resources
Click here to visit NHF's online resources for bleeding disorders and related topics and issues.
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