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Get an Annual Comprehensive Checkup at a Hemophlia Treatment Center

• Studies conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that persons who had received care in HTCs had a 40% lower hospitalization rate for bleeding complications and 40% decreased risk of death than non-HTC users. (Soucie 2000), (Soucie 2001).

• Studies have also shown that receiving treatment at hemophilia treatment centers is associated with decreased unemployment rates; improved emotional health and family stability; increased school attendance; and a greater sense of empowerment for self-care.

• Hemophilia treatment centers employ a team of specialists interested in all aspects of your health and well-being, including but not limited to the following: hematologist and/or pediatric hematologist; nurse coordinator; social worker; and physical therapist. This team meets regularly to discuss all aspects of each patient's care and decide on the best comprehensive treatment plan for each individual.

• Hemophilia treatment centers offer the opportunity to participate in the Universal Data Collection Program (UDC). UDC is a nationwide project developed by CDC to monitor blood safety and joint disease in the bleeding disorders community. Contact your hemophilia treatment center for details on how you can participate in UDC.

For more information on each fact sheet or to locate a hemophilia treatment center near you, contact NHF's information service, HANDI, at 800-42-HANDI or

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Soucie, J.M., Symons, J., Evatt, B., Brettler, D., Huszti, H., Linden, J., and the Hemophilia Surveillance System Project Investigators. Home-based factor infusion therapy and hospitalization for bleeding complications among males with hemophilia. Haemophilia 2001;7:198-206.