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Preparedness Tips, Stay Safe
  • Run the bathtub full. you can use this for non-potable purposes,such as sponge baths.
  • Fill every container in your home with tap water. This is your potable water. Use it sparingly.
  • Get a camp stove and the little propane bottles you will need to run it. If you have an outdoor grill this is better. Be sure to have plenty of whatever fuel it uses.
  • While you are buying the camp stove, get one of the hand-crank radios. And one of the hand-crank flashlights while you are there.
  • Forget the milk, it will spoil anyway if you are without power for very long.
  • Buy bottled juice, breakfast bars, fruit, raw veg, chips, anything you can use without cooking.
    Use the stuff out of your fridge first. Keep the freezer shut as long as possible.
    Oh, and pick up some old-fashioned hand-powered fans. They move more air than magazines.
  • Do a good visual inspection on the outside of your home, removing any lawn items that can become airborne like tables and chairs.
  • Also, if you ever really get in a pinch, don't forget that your toilet tanks and hot water heater are full of water.