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Fundraising Suggestions

Following is a list of suggested fundraising events that you can do in your local community.  You can find the ones that are right for you in terms of relative ease to organize and potential to raise money. 

These events can be done with or without a personal fundraising webpage.  If you do create a webpage to promote your event, email it to everyone you know; people who don’t live close enough to attend your fundraiser will still play an important role in contributing to your goal! 

Another tip is to approach local businesses for in-kind donations or a matching contribution for the amount your event raises.

House Party

Invite friends to your house for drinks/light food, play the video, discuss your family’s experience w/hemophilia, and ask for donations for the It’s Time for a Cure campaign (recommended $50*).  Allows for fun socializing, while helping an important cause that is personal to you.


Birthday Party

Ask friends to donate to It’s Time for a Cure in lieu of birthday presents.


Spaghetti/BBQ/FishFry/etc. Dinner

Decide on a menu that’s easy to prepare for a large group, assemble friends as volunteer cooks, ask managers of local grocery stores to donate food items**, arrange for space at church, school, etc., invite friends and promote to general community to a $30-$50* fundraising dinner.


Potluck Dinner

Invite 20 friends, each bringing a food dish, who will also contribute $30* to It's Time for a Cure.


Candy Bar/Krispy Kreme/etc. sales

Requires an initial purchase but sales are relatively easy and the average profits of 35-50% go to the It’s Time for a Cure Campaign.


Yard Sale/eBay Online Auction

Need to clean out your closet? Have a house full of things you're not sure what to do with? Sell them using Ebay on behalf of the National Hemophilia Foundation. Through the Mission Fish program of Ebay's Giving Works, all or a portion of the sale of your items will be donated directly to NHF!

Bake Sale/Car Wash/etc.
Progressive Dinner

Work with 2 friends, each of you being assigned to host a single course of a meal, e.g. one person will prepare appetizers for their house, another will serve the main course at their house, and the last will have dessert.  Everyone invites a couple of friends, with all participants donating $50*.  The entire group then meets at the first person’s house for appetizers, progressing through each course by traveling to the respective houses.

This idea can easily be broadened into a larger community event.  Identify a large communal space (e.g. a church, school, community center, etc.) and several hosts.  If for example, 100 people participate, identify approx. 10-12 hosts.  All 100 people gather in the communal space to enjoy drinks and hors d’oeuvres.  Each attendee then receives an invitation to one of the hosts’ house for the main course.  After the meal, everyone gathers again at the communal space for dessert.  All the hosts would contribute to providing the appetizers and desserts at the communal space.

Combined Fundraiser with Local Schools, Churches, Service Clubs, (e.g. Lions, Kiwanis, Rotary clubs), etc.

These community groups oftentimes hold regular fundraisers and will work with the community to determine what not-for-profit organization it will benefit.  Suggest the It’s Time for a Cure campaign and work with them to organize the nature of the event.

Approach local movie houses, playhouses, to give brief presentation on It’s Time for a Cure and circulate w/bucket

Solicit product donations from local businesses**, sell raffle tickets or hold a live or silent auction. 

This can be done on a small scale in connection with another event, e.g. the spaghetti dinner, or as a stand-alone event if you collect enough donated prizes. 


*All donation amounts are recommendations; feel free to set another amount or leave it to your guests’ discretion.

**NHF will provide a letter confirming the charitable tax deductability of their donation.