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Flamel and Baxter to Develop Longer-Acting Hemophilia Therapies

In July, Baxter International Inc. and Flamel Technologies, SA, announced that they have entered into an agreement to create controlled release applications of clotting factor therapies using Flamel’s Medusa® Technology. The companies will develop longer-acting factor formulations to reduce the frequency of infusions for hemophilia patients.

Flamel is a biopharmaceutical company based in France that specializes in the development of polymer-based delivery technologies for medical applications. Polymers are high molecular weight compounds composed of up to millions of repeated linked units, or molecules. Flamel’s Medusa® technology is designed to deliver controlled-release formulations of therapeutic proteins, peptides and other molecules, without compromising the bioactivity or intended effect on the patient. Baxter manufactures multiple therapeutic proteins to treat patients with hemophilia, including those with inhibitors.

“We continue to develop and advance novel therapies that improve patient convenience by decreasing the frequency of infusions to help people living with hemophilia lead a more normal life,” said Hartmut J. Ehrlich, MD, vice president of global research and development in BioScience at Baxter. “We look forward to this partnership using Flamel’s Medusa® Technology as a novel approach to address this goal.”

“We are pleased to be working with Baxter to develop longer-acting formulations of factor replacement therapies for hemophilia patients,” said Stephen H. Willard, Flamel’s chief executive officer. “Baxter is an ideal partner for these molecules due to its extensive expertise in the field. Our work with Baxter allows us to leverage our expertise in drug delivery to create solutions for the administration of intravenous formulations of therapeutic proteins. This program has the potential to develop more convenient solutions for people living with hemophilia, their families, and physicians.”

Source: Flamel Technologies press release dated July 13, 2009