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CSL Donates Factor to WFH’s GAP Program

CSL Behring recently donated more than 1 million international units (IU) of von Willebrand factor (VWF)/factor VIII (FVIII) to patients through the World Federation of Hemophilia’s (WFH) Global Alliance for Progress (GAP) program. The GAP program is dedicated to improving the diagnosis and treatment of bleeding disorders in developing countries. So far 16 countries participate in the program.


Von Willebrand disease (VWD) is a bleeding disorder characterized by a defect or deficiency of VWF. VWF/FVIII replaces the VWF/FVIII complex that is deficient or defective in patients with VWD. The concentrate is purified from pooled human plasma from many carefully screened plasma donors and contains the missing clotting proteins.


“Generous donations like these made by CSL Behring serve as a catalyst for improving the overall care of people with bleeding disorders. The WFH relies on these donations to help fulfill our commitment to introduce clotting factor concentrates in developing countries where it might not otherwise be available,” said Mark Skinner, President of the WFH. “We are grateful to all our industry partners who provide, among other resources, valuable and life-saving medicine such as CSL Behring's donation for the treatment of VWD.”


Source: PRNewswire, July 18, 2011