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Industry News

The National Hemophilia Foundation does not endorse or assure the products, programs or services featured in eNotes. Further, it cannot make specific recommendations for such products, programs or services.

Industry News for April 2014 eNotes

Novo Nordisk Reports Results of Long-Acting rFVIII Product

Industry News for March 2014 eNotes

Bayer Reports Progress for Longer-Acting rFVIII Product

FDA Grants Breakthrough Designation for Bristol-Myers Squibb Oral HCV Therapy

Gilead Files NDA for HCV Combination Therapy

Industry News for February 2014 eNotes

Grifols Changes Name of Hemophilia A Study

Phase 1 Trial Begins for Alnylam’s ALN-AT3

Industry News for January 2014 eNotes

Biogen and Swedish Orphan Biovitrum Announce Results of Longer-lasting Product Trials

Baxter Seeks Pediatric Indication from FDA for RIXUBIS

Industry News for December 2013 eNotes

Enrollment Complete for Baxter’s PROLONG-ATE Study

Progress and Delay for Biogen’s Longer-Lasting rFVIII Therapy

Industry News for November 2013 eNotes

FDA Approves BLA for Novo Nordisk’s New rFVIII Product

Industry News for October 2013 eNotes

Boehringer Fills Trial for Interferon-free HCV Therapy

Sernova and Medicyte Collaborate on Hemophilia A Therapy

Novo’s rFVIII Receives Recommendation for EMA Marketing Approval

Industry News for September 2013 eNotes

FDA Grants Orphan Drug Status to Alnylam’s Hemophilia Therapy

Industry News for August 2013 eNotes

Bayer Announces 2013 BHAP Winners

Novo Nordisk Reports Additional Findings from HERO Study

Industry News for July 2013 eNotes

FDA Gives Priority Review to Gilead’s HCV Drug Sofosbuvir

Industry News for June 2013 eNotes

FDA Accepts Application for Biogen’s Longer-Lasting FVIII Product

Jansssen’s HCV Therapy Receives FDA Priority Review

Bayer Discontinues rFVIIa Therapy Trial

Industry News for May 2013 eNotes

Antiviral Oral Combination Treats Certain HCV Patients

Achillion Drug Begins Phase 2 Trial in HCV Patients

Gilead Announces HCV Drug Sofosbuvir Clinical Trial Results

CSL Donates to WFH GAP Program

Industry News for April 2013 eNotes

Baxter Submits FDA Application for Prophylactic FEIBA for Inhibitor Patients

Pfizer Halts Development of HCV Drug

FDA Accepts Biogen’s Application for Longer-Lasting FVIII Product

CSL’s FXIII Product Approved for Expanded Use

Industry News for March 2013 eNotes

Biogen Reports A-LONG and B-LONG Studies Progress

Gilead’s HCV Therapy Trials On Track

Idenix Ceases Development of Two HCV Drugs

Cangene to Acquire IB1001 from Inspiration

Industry News for February 2013 eNotes

CSL Behring Enrolls Pediatric Patient in Hemophilia B Study

Green Cross Initiates Phase III Trial of rFVIII Product

Baxter Announces Inhibitor Study Results, Acquisition of Inspiration’s Assets

Apply Now for Pfizer’s ASPIRE Research Awards Program

Biogen Idec Submits FDA Application for Long-Acting FIX Therapy

Industry News for January 2013 eNotes

Baxter Presents Data on Developmental Recombinant FIX Product

Industry News for December 2012 eNotes

Grifols Publishes Research Award Recipients

Novo Nordisk Announces Results from HERO Study, Launches New Mobile App

Inspiration’s OBI-1 Receives FDA Fast Track Designation

Bayer Reports Progress on Study Recruitment for BAY 86-6150

Industry News for November 2012 eNotes

Novo Nordisk Seeks Regulatory Approval for Recombinant FVIII Drug

Abbott Announces Success in HCV Triple Drug Combo Trial

Industry News for October 2012 eNotes

PBB Reports Progress on New Hemophilia Therapies

Baxter Applies to FDA for New rFIX License

South Carolina Medical Center Receives $400,000 from Aflac

Biogen Reports Positive Results from FIX B-LONG Study

Industry News for September 2012 eNotes

FDA Rescinds Exclusivity for Octapharma’s Wilate®

Inspiration Announces Global Agreement with Ipsen

Setbacks for Hepatitis C Drugs in Clinical Trials

Industry News for August 2012 eNotes

Bayer Enrolls Patients in Longer-acting rFVIII Trial, Announces Kogenate® Trial Results

Novo Nordisk Announces HERO Study Results

Baxter Announces New ADVATE Dosage Strength

FDA Puts Clinical Hold on Inspiration’s Trials of rFIX

Bayer Announces 2012 BHAP Award Recipients

Industry News for July 2012 eNotes

Baxter and Chatham Partner to Develop Hemophilia Treatments

CSL Behring Announces Orphan Drug Designation for rFIX Therapy

Industry News for June 2012 eNotes

Achillion Begins Trial of New HCV Drug ACH-3102, Announces Fast Track Status

NasalCEASE® Gives Back to NHF Research

Industry News for May 2012 eNotes

Inspiration Files for Licensing of rFIX Drug

CSL Doses First Inhibitor Patients in Trial of New rFVII Product

Industry News for April 2012 eNotes

Vertex Announces Interim Results of Telaprevir Studies in Co-Infected Patients

Okairos Begins Next Phase of HCV Vaccine Study

CSL Announces First Patient Screened for New rFVIII Trial

Bayer Stresses Filtration Step for Kogenate® FS Users

REGENX/Chatham to Develop Genetically Based Hemophilia Therapies

Industry News for March 2012 eNotes

CSL Behring Updates Therapies in Development

Pfizer Announces New BeneFIX® Vial Size

Industry News for February 2012 eNotes

CSL Announces Site for Longer-Acting Recombinant FIX Study

AMT’s Hemophilia B Gene Therapy Program Granted Orphan Drug Status

Catalyst Initiates Phase I Trial for rVIIa Product for Inhibitors

Achillion’s HCV Drug Receives Fast Track Designation

Industry News for January 2012 eNotes

Baxter Announces Approval of ADVATE for Prophylaxis and Longer-Acting rFVIII Trial

Industry News for December 2011 eNotes

FDA Approves Pfizer’s BeneFIX® 3,000 IU Dosage

Industry News for November 2011 eNotes

Baxter’s Recombinant VWF Product Starting Phase 3 Clinical Trial

Bayer Standardizes Syringe for Kogenate®FS Vial Sizes

Industry News for September 2011 eNotes

Pfizer Announces Improvements to XYNTHA® and BeneFIX®

Industry News for August 2011 eNotes

Baxter Reports Progress on Hemophilia and Recombinant VWF Treatments

Biogen Idec and Swedish Orphan Biovitrum Report Clinical Progress

CSL Donates Factor to WFH’s GAP Program

Inspiration Presents Data on Recombinant FVIII Product

Bayer HealthCare Announces 2011 BHAP Winners

Industry News for July 2011 eNotes

FTC Approves Grifols-Talecris Merger, Kedrion Acquisition of Koate-DVI

Industry News for June 2011 eNotes

FDA Approves Longer Storage for Bayer’s Kogenate® FS

CSL Behring Receives NORD Corporate Award

Industry News for May 2011 eNotes

Amunix to Collaborate with Biogen Idec on Recombinant Therapies

Novo Nordisk Launches Virtual Surgical Center

Industry News for April 2011 eNotes

MedPro Rx Supports KIDBase Program

Industry News for March 2011 eNotes

Inspiration Biopharmaceutical’s Recombinant FIX Performs Well in Clinical Trial

Grifols’ Alphanate Label Reflects Capacity to Prevent TSE Infection

Novo Unveils Mobile App to Improve Bleeding Disorder Diagnosis

CSL Donates FVIII to WFH Program

Industry News for February 2011 eNotes

CSL Announces LEAD Grant Recipients

Grifols Develops Flash Drive for Hemophilia Patients

Industry News for January 2011 eNotes

Novo Reports Progress on Two Therapies

Biogen Idec and Swedish Orphan Biovitrum Announce Trial of Longer-Acting rFVIII

Baxter Presents New VWD Treatment Data

Industry News for December 2010 eNotes

Inspiration Reports Clinical Study of OBI-1 in Hemophilia A Patients

Octapharma Announces First Trial Recipients of rFVIII from Human Cell Line

Baxter to Acquire Archemix’s Hemophilia Therapy Assets

“Next Generation” of HeliTrax® System Now Available

Industry News for November 2010 eNotes

Octapharma Announces Research Application Deadline and Launch of New Web Site

Industry News for September 2010 eNotes

Sign up for PPTA’s September Health Reform Webinar

Chicago HTC Receives Octapharma Research Award

Baxter’s ADVATE® Maintains Safety, Low Inhibitors Risk in Study

FDA Approves New Syringe for Pfizer’s XYNTHA®

NovoSeven® RT Receives FDA Approval for Larger Vial Size

Industry News for August 2010 eNotes

Biogen Idec and Swedish Orphan Biovitrum Report Progress on Hemophilia Therapies

Pfizer Reports on Hemophilia Studies at WFH Congress

UCF Professor Receives Research Grant from Bayer

PPTA To Host Health Reform Webinar

Industry News for July 2010 eNotes

CSL Behring Announces Latest LEAD Grant Awards

Industry News for June 2010 eNotes

Octapharma’s Wilate Now Available from Distributors

Grifols to Acquire Talecris, Pending Approval

Industry News for May 2010 eNotes

Grifols Announces New Needle-Free Factor Mixing Device

Industry News for April 2010 eNotes

CSL Behring Awards New LEAD Advocacy Grants

Industry News for March 2010 eNotes

Octapharma USA Announces Research Grants Application Deadline

Industry News for February 2010 eNotes

MedPro Rx Now Accepting Scholarship Applications


Ipsen and Inspiration Partner to Produce Recombinant Factor Therapies


Bayer Schering Pharma AG Halts FVIII Study


Biogen Idec and Swedish Orphan Biovitrum Announce Initial Hemophilia B Study Results

Industry News for January 2010 eNotes

MedPro Rx Now Accepting Scholarship Applications

Bayer Provides Summer Leadership Internship

Industry News for December 2009 eNotes

WFH Receives Largest Donation to Humanitarian Aid Program

Ataluren Trial in Hemophilia Patients with Nonsense Mutations

Baxter Launches Education Advantage Scholarship Program

Industry News for November 2009 eNotes

Biogen Idec and Biovitrum AB Announce Clinical Trials for rFIXFc

Pfizer Acquires Wyeth

Baxter Announces PACT Grant Winners

Industry News for October 2009 eNotes

Octapharma Holds Symposia During ISTH Congress

Bayer Facility Stays in Berkeley, Slated for Improvements

Wyeth Announces Scholarship Recipients

Industry News for September 2009 eNotes

Bayer Announces Self-Infusion Training Program and FDA Approval of Larger Kogenate®FS Vial Size

CSL Behring’s Helixate®FS Receives FDA Approval for Prophylaxis in Children

Industry News for August 2009 eNotes

Flamel and Baxter to Develop Longer-Acting Hemophilia Therapies

CSL Behring Improves Data Management System for Hemophilia A Patients

Bayer Announces 2009 International Awards Recognizing Promising Clinicians, Researchers and Nurses

Industry News for July 2009 eNotes

Wyeth and Catalyst to Develop FVIIa Products

Industry News for April 2009 eNotes

Genavia to Access Origen’s Transgenic Animals to Manufacture Factor VIII

Industry News for March 2009 eNotes

Lentigen and Expression to Collaborate on Hemophilia A Therapies

Inspiration Begins Clinical Trial for Recombinant Factor IX Drug

Industry News for February 2009 eNotes

FDA Approves ATryn, First Drug from Genetically Engineered Animals

Pfizer To Acquire Wyeth

Industry News for January 2009 eNotes

Baxter Announces Recombinant VWD Trial

Avigen Sells Coagulation Drug Rights to Baxter

Industry News for December 2008 eNotes

Bayer Schering to Fund HTC Network in China

FDA Grants Orphan Drug Status to Recombinant FIX Product

Industry News for November 2008 eNotes

FDA Approves Prophylactic Use of Kogenate® FS

ADVATE® Performs Well in New Study on Children

Companies Sign Agreement on Factor VIIa Drug Candidate

Industry News for October 2008 eNotes

Grifols Launches New Drug Tracing System

PPTA Web Site Provides Plasma Therapy Information

Industry News for September 2008 eNotes

CSL Ltd. Acquires Talecris

New Clotting Drug Granted Priority Review by FDA

Industry News for August 2008 eNotes

NHF Chapters Receive CSL Advocacy Grants

Bayer Acquires Maxygen’s Recombinant Factor VII Drug Candidate

AMT and St. Jude Partner to Develop Hemophilia B Gene Therapy

Ipsen Acquires OBI-1 Drug

Industry News for July 2008 eNotes

CSL Behring Awards Researchers

Bayer Honors 2008 Awardees at WFH Congress

First Clinical Trial Completed for Longer-Acting Factor VIIa Drug

Baxter Reports Advances in Preclinical Research

Industry News for June 2008 eNotes

Catalyst Biosciences Developing Factor VIIa Drug for Hemophilia Patients

FDA Approves New Recombinant FVIIa Formulation

New Recombinant Factor IX Drug Reaches Clinical Trial Stage

Industry News for May 2008 eNotes

Bayer Launches Electronic Data Device

Industry News for April 2008 eNotes

Promising New Recombinant Factor IX Drug Receives FDA Approval for Clinical Studies

Wyeth Announces FDA Approval of Recombinant Factor VIII Drug

Drug Candidate for TTP Entering Phase 2 Trial

Industry News for February 2008 eNotes

Baxter Developing New Hemophilia B Therapies

Industry News for January 2008 eNotes

ATryn® Receives Orphan Drug Designation

CSL Behring Reports on Potential for Longer-Lasting Factor VIIa Therapy

Nektar Announces Agreement with Baxter to Develop New Hemophilia A Therapy

Industry News for December 2007 eNotes

Hemophilia B Drug Submitted for IND Status Approval

Industry News for November 2007 eNotes

Pharming Group Receives FDA Orphan Drug Status for Fibrinogen

Apria to Acquire Coram, Inc., for $350 Million

Humate-P® No Longer Requires Refrigeration

Industry News for August 2007 eNotes

EpiVax Receives Grant to Study Modified FVIII Proteins

Wyeth Takes Over Distribution of BeneFIX® in Europe

Baxter Study Shows Benefits of Prophylactic Use of Advate®

New Hemophilia B Drug Candidate Presented at ISTH Congress

Bayer Reports Potential Longer-Acting Recombinant Factor VIII with PEG

Industry News for July 2007 eNotes

Bayer Announces WFH’s 2007 International Nursing Fellowship Award Recipients

New Test Designed to Address Variable Warfarin Dosing

CSL Behring Foundation Provides Grants for Bleeding Disorders Research

Novo Nordisk Starts Clinical Trials of Longer-Acting Factor VIIa Product

Two Pharmaceutical Companies To Market New Recombinant Thrombin Product

Wyeth Announces New Self-Infusion Training Kit

Industry News for May 2007 eNotes

Humate-P® Receives FDA Approval for Additional Use

HepaLife Announces Progress in Developing Artificial Liver Device

Talecris Provides Grant for WFH Program in Developing Countries

Grifols Boosts Plasma Collection Capacity

Industry News for April 2007 eNotes

FDA Approves New Biologic for Clotting Disorder

Industry News for March 2007 eNotes

Grifols To Expand Manufacturing Capacity

California Company and Stanford Researchers To Develop FIX Therapy

Wyeth Announces FDA Approval for BeneFIX® Product Enhancements

Industry News for February 2007 eNotes

CSL Behring Will Continue to Sell Helixate® FS

Alphanate® Receives FDA Approval for Some VWD Patients

Wyeth Enters Into Collaborative Research Agreements

Jerini and Baxter AG Formalize Research Collaboration

Industry News for January 2007 eNotes

Lipoxen and Baxter Agree to Develop Improved Recombinant Factor VIII Products

Biogen Idec to Purchase Syntonix and Its Experimental Hemophilia B Drug

CSL Behring Announces Update on Global Name Change


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