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Grifols Announces Factor Coverage Program

Grifols, Inc., based in Los Angeles, CA, recently announced the initiation of two programs that offer factor products to eligible hemophilia patients experiencing a lapse in health insurance coverage.


The PatientCare Program is open to uninsured individuals who need factor products. Hemophilia patients who meet the program’s financial eligibility requirements can temporarily receive Grifols product regardless of whether they used the company’s therapies in the past.   


The other program, the Grifols Assurance for Patients (GAP), will provide a supply of Grifols product to eligible individuals who have used the company’s products for three months prior to enrolling.     


“Grifols recognizes the incredible challenges the hemophilia community faces in obtaining and maintaining adequate health insurance,” said Gregory Rich, CEO of Grifols’ U.S. operations. “The PatientCare Program demonstrates our commitment to the hemophilia community and helping those in need.”


Grifols manufactures several products to treat bleeding disorders. Alphanate® is a plasma-derived concentrate used to prevent and control bleeding in patients with hemophilia A or acquired factor VIII deficiency. Profilnine® is a plasma-derived concentrate containing multiple factors. It is indicated for the prevention and control of bleeding in patients with hemophilia B. AlphaNine® is a human-derived factor IX concentrate also indicated for the prevention and control of bleeding in patients with hemophilia B.


Source: Grifols press release dated October 12, 2006