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National Youth Leadership Institute - Young Adults (18-25)

NYLI for Young Adults (18-25)

The NHF National Youth Leaders Program is composed of young adults, ages 18-25, who have demonstrated leadership skills in their community and have applied to the program. Through NYL training sessions, participants learn leadership, problem-solving and team-building skills. After the trainings, NYL members are responsible for working with chapter/association leaders and NYL mentors to implement educational activities among youth affected by bleeding disorders and clotting disorders within their local communities.

How does NYL fit into NHF’s National Prevention Program?
NYL is one component of NHF’s National Prevention Program (NPP). NPP is NHF’s primary education initiative in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, chapters/associations, hemophilia treatment centers and consumers. It was developed to help individuals Do the 5, five steps to prevent or reduce the complications of bleeding disorders.

  • Get an annual comprehensive checkup at a hemophilia treatment center
  • Get vaccinated—hepatitis A and B are preventable
  • Treat bleeds early and adequately
  • Exercise and maintain a healthy weight to protect joints
  • Get tested regularly for blood-borne infections

What Happens at an NYL Training?
This year's training will take place in conjunction with NHF's 59th Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida, on November 1-3, 2007.

The training will serve as a forum to introduce young adults to the broader bleeding and clotting disorders community, learn about important issues and meet people with common interests. The curriculum will consist of specially designed educational sessions for young adults with leadership potential focusing on leadership skills, team-building activities and problem-solving techniques. Additionally, the attendees will have an opportunity to select and attend NHF Annual Meeting’s adult sessions and participate in a fun and educational field trip.

Note that if more training is required, a follow-up meeting may take place in the Spring.

Who Can Apply?
Chapters and local hemophilia associations are invited to send up to two young adult delegates. Delegates include diverse young men and women *affected by bleeding disorders and clotting disorders ages 18-25 years old, siblings included, who exhibit above average leadership potential. See Appendix B. Note that youth younger than 18 years old are invited to come as long as they attend the meeting and room with a parent/guardian. The parent/guardian must also agree to provide any additional supervision as needed.

*Note that young adult delegates affected by bleeding and clotting disorders include youth with a bleeding or clotting disorder, their nonaffected siblings, carriers or youth whose parents or relatives or close friends have bleeding or clotting disorders.

Who Else Can Participate?
Chapters and local hemophilia associations are encouraged to nominate one mentor. The mentor can be an adult volunteering in a chapter, association and/or hemophilia treatment center and should meet the mentoring criteria in Appendix C. This person agrees to serve as a role model for the young adult delegate and provide guidance and support. Most importantly, the mentor must agree to help the young adult carry out the skills learned during the NYLI training and implement prevention activities in the local area.

The mentor does not need to travel to the Annual Meeting but should make time (approximately 5 hours per month) after the NYLI training to provide direction and feedback to the young adult. [Note that there may be funds available to mentors willing to travel to the Annual Meeting. If you are interested in sending a mentor, please indicate this on the attached application.]

Eligibility and Selection Process
Each chapter and local hemophilia association is invited to nominate up to two young adult delegates and one mentor from the organization. NHF will select the top candidates exhibiting above average leadership potential and willingness to become active leaders in their local bleeding and clotting disorders community of residence and/or camp. NHF will develop a strategy and action plan for the young adult to work with chapter leaders and NYL mentors in implementing educational activities among youth affected by bleeding and clotting disorders within their local communities.

Applications will be reviewed and evaluated by a volunteer team. Criteria will include leadership ability, extracurricular and community service, recommendations, and application essay. Applications will be awarded based on these criteria and available funding. The winners will be announced in August.

Scholarship Funding
The scholarship will include all paid expenses for the young adult delegate(s) (e.g., travel, hotel, meals, etc.) and mentor.

All applications were due by Friday, August 31, 2007. For more information, please contact:
Jennifer Crawford, Manager
Manager of Education
National Hemophilia Foundation
116 West 32nd Street, 11th Floor
New York, New York 10001
Phone: 1-800-42-HANDI (ext. 3756)
Fax: (212) 328-3799, Email: