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Institutional Application

NHF-Baxter Clinical Fellowship
For institutional approval to nominate NHF-Baxter Clinical Fellows
Deadline: March 17, 2014

The National Hemophilia Foundation-Baxter Clinical Fellowship Program funded by an educational grant from Baxter BioScience is intended for physicians who endeavor to dedicate their careers to providing comprehensive clinical care to individuals living with bleeding and clotting disorders.  The program is also designed to prepare fellows for careers in academic medicine, providing critical training in an environment that fosters research to develop better forms of therapy for hemophilia, and other bleeding and clotting disorders. 

It is the aim of the program that graduates will become expert clinicians, role models and leaders able to help shape health policy, and providers of training and support to others in hemostasis and thrombosis care.  To further support the academic development of the fellows, the program also intends to offer tuition reimbursement for fellows choosing to pursue relevant advanced degrees during their tenure, e.g. MPH.

Institutions applying for approval to participate in the NHF-Baxter Clinical Fellows program must be well established hemophilia/thrombophilia treatment centers with qualified clinical and research faculty. Institutions may be affiliated with major universities and teaching hospitals.  Successful institutions demonstrate a commitment to the development of the candidate as a skilled clinician and independent investigator. The center must submit an appropriate candidate recruitment plan as part of its application for funding. Applicant institutions should demonstrate a strong capacity to provide training in the area of blood coagulation, hemostasis, thrombosis, treatment of hemophilia, von Willebrand disease and other bleeding disorders, and treatment of thrombophilia and thrombotic diseases. This should include descriptions of training faculty, the numbers and types of patients seen on an annual basis, the institutional resources for training, and the history of the institution as a training center. Applicant institutions should also demonstrate a rich research environment, both clinical and basic, in the same areas. Although this is not a research training grant, the strength of the training program is directly related to the research environment, and opportunities for clinical fellows to transition into a research track should be available and be demonstrated.

No direct monetary support is provided to institutions that are approved to participate in the NHF-Baxter Clinical Fellows Program.  However, institutions with nominees who are named NHF-Baxter Clinical Fellows may charge up to 8% of the fellowship toward indirect costs.

All institutional application materials must be received by NHF by March 17, 2014 at 5pm Eastern.

Institutional Application Materials
There are required documents and statements that applying institutions must provide as part of their Institutional Application. Note that there are no application forms for the Institutional Application, but a required list of materials.  Download the list of required materials and other information relevant to filing an Institutional Application by clicking on the following link: Download "NHF Clinical Fellowship Institutional Application Policies and Procedures."

Applications must be submitted to:

Angelina Wang
Director of Research and Medical Information
116 West 32nd Street, 11th floor
New York, NY 10001
Phone: (212) 328-3727 or (800) 42-HANDI ext. 3727
Fax: (212) 328-3799