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NHF Announces New Leadership Excellence Val Bias - NHF CEO
A New CEO for A New NHF

Val Bias Joins NHF as Chief Executive Officer
The focused search was on for Leadership Excellence through a New CEO for a New NHF. And... NHF has succeeded!

NHF takes great pleasure in announcing Mr. Val Bias as Chief Executive Officer for the National Hemophilia Foundation, effective May 19th, 2008.

The Bleeding & Clotting Disorders Community and its Advocates brim with outstanding and progressive leaders. The National Hemophilia Foundation successfully sought to tap this leadership resource for potential CEO Candidates.

From a base of candidates in our "family" of staff, aligned organization leaders, community advocates, associated sciences and businesses, Val Bias stood front and center as the devoted leader upon whom NHF and its constituents may solidly depend. Vision, dedication, clarity of purpose - Bias brings it all.

As CEO, Mr. Bias will immediately support NHF's ongoing efforts for National Reorganization and development of a National Brand by providing forward leadership. Moreover, research and advocacy promise to be dynamic points of heightened focus for Bias. Education will also continue to be a strong NHF element.

Profile - Val Bias
Qualities and Attributes:
Val Bias has maintained a long and meaningful history with the National Hemophilia Foundation - from his service as NHF's Board Chair in 1992 to his tenure as volunteer, consultant, and advocate to NHF culminating with the passage of the Ricky Ray Hemophilia Relief Act of 1998.

In the last decade, through volunteer commitments in Advocacy and Blood Safety and by his professional commitments in Leadership and Organizational Training, Bias has established a solid reputation as a true consensus builder, collaborator, and trusted leader in the bleeding and clotting disorders community.

Bias believes that by serving in the role of NHF CEO, "I will encourage essential trust and enhance the credibility NHF currently requires to implement a successful reorganization [unification] process," helping our member organizations to better and more consistently serve our owners - those persons with bleeding and clotting disorders.

Bias further states, "The management and diplomacy skills which have been the hallmark of my career as a professional and volunteer are essential ingredients needed to achieve success during this very critical time in the history of the U.S. bleeding disorders community."

Serving our community is the great passion of Val Bias' life. Having devoted twenty-eight years to serving persons with bleeding and clotting disorders, entering the role of NHF's CEO is in many ways the next logical step for Bias. In Val Bias, the National Hemophilia Foundation has a dynamic new CEO for a new NHF.

Skills and Experience:
A track record of success with the broad and complex community in which NHF operates - Bias has interfaced with key decision makers in Executive and Legislative branches of federal government and has long-standing working relationships with federal agencies such as CDC, NIH, FDA, etc. Bias is known and respected by HTC's and NHF Chapters across the country.

Professional Qualifications:

  • Executive Director, Hemophilia Council of California
  • CEO/Co-Founder, Compass Non-Profit Consulting Services
  • Managing Consultant, The Bias Group
  • Consultant, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
  • Consultant, MARC Associates (Lobbyists for NHF in DC)
  • Associate Executive Director, Berkley/Albany YMCA

Volunteer Qualifications:

  • Board President, Hemophilia Foundation of Northern CA
  • Co-Director, HFNC Res. Summer Camp, "Camp Hemotion"

Please join us in welcoming Val Bias as NHF CEO at the NHF June Leadership Weekend, June 12th - 15th


Raymond Stanhope
Chairman of the Board
National Hemophilia Foundation