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Fact Sheets & Talking Points

NHF’s Washington Days provides an opportunity annually for hundreds of families and individuals from across the country to meet with their elected representatives and staff to convey some of the critical issues the community faces and ask for their support.  This year, we will have the important duty of introducing, or in some cases reintroducing, a new congressional leadership to our community.  We will also be educating many first-time members of Congress on our issues.

We all know that finding and keeping adequate healthcare coverage is a central concern for many in our community, so we will lead with this issue.  We will explain the many insurance challenges that people with bleeding disorders and other chronic high-cost conditions face, and we will ask our elected representatives to consider our issues as they consider healthcare and insurance reform. 

In addition, we will ask for their support for a specific solution to the problem of unaffordable Medicare co-payments, for increased funding for hemophilia treatment centers (HTCs) to better serve women and other patient population, and advance legislation that increases private insurance lifetime caps.

Please click on the links below to view fact sheets and talking points on all of these issues.

Fact Sheets Talking Points
Increase Lifetime Insurance Caps (House)
Increase Lifetime Insurance Caps (Senate)
Increase Lifetime Insurance Caps
Increase Funding for Hemophilia Treatment Centers (HTCs) Increase Funding for Hemophilia Treatment Centers (HTCs)
Increased Access to Medigap Policies (House)
Increased Access to Medigap Policies (Senate)
Increased Access to Medigap Policies 
Update Regarding Other Issues