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HANDI, NHF's Information Resource Center

Since 1991, HANDI has been NHF’s full-fledged resource center on hemophilia and other bleeding disorders.  At its core, HANDI’s mission has always been centered on service – answering specific questions, fulfilling information requests, providing quality educational publications, making referrals to additional sources of assistance and immediately responding to the needs of the bleeding disorders community.

HANDI processes thousands of requests annually from a variety of patrons – which include consumers, family members, NHF chapter staff, hemophilia treatment center providers, other health care professionals, teachers, students and the general public.  The subject areas of these requests reflect a wide range of needs – such as, self-infusion, physical therapy, treatment complications, rare factor deficiencies, psychosocial issues, blood safety, bleeding issues in women, and financial and insurance reimbursement issues. HANDI information specialists access and utilize article reprints, textbooks, educational publications, CD-ROMs, and videos to answer both straightforward and complicated requests.

NHF/Novo Nordisk HANDI Library

Over the past 20 years, HANDI has amassed a resource collection that now consists of more than 13,000 items.  This collection is the premier resource library in the U.S. and around the world for patrons seeking information about the history of hemophilia, or general information about all inherited bleeding disorders. 

To ensure that this valuable resource continues to stay relevant and meet today’s need for rapid information; NHF is pleased to announce the newly-named “NHF/Novo Nordisk HANDI Library”, in recognition of Novo Nordisk's outstanding financial contribution to an exciting modernization project for HANDI. This vital support from Novo Nordisk will make possible increased response time for inquiries and broader expansion of resources available to those who use this critical service.


NHF expresses its gratitude to Novo Nordisk for their significant contribution and ongoing support of our mission.


NHF Publications


Many of the materials HANDI provides to consumers are produced internally by the National Hemophilia Foundation.  Our current publications catalog showcases the wide-range of these educational materials, some available in both English and Spanish. 

To access the catalog, click here.

There is a form to complete for requesting publications in bulk quantities.  It is updated on a regular basis.   

To contact HANDI

The highly knowledgeable and dedicated staff members in HANDI are available to answer live requests from Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern, toll-free by dialing 1-800-42HANDI.  Requests can also be sent by fax (212-328-3799), or email at All information requests made through HANDI are always kept confidential.



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