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Mission Moments

Mission Moments is a new monthly video series highlighting stories from inspiring individuals and families within the bleeding disorders community. Each of the participants has volunteered to share their personal story as a way to better connect you, the viewer, to the heart and passion behind the National Hemophilia Foundation.

If you would like to share your personal story here, email a request with the subject line Mission Moments to


Mission Moments

"In the early years we felt so alone, like we were the only people who had kids with hemophilia."

- Wayne Cobb

"NHF taught me that not only can you live a normal life with a bleeding disorder but that my voice matters."

- Shelly Mattson

"NHF has really empowered us to learn to be advocates for our family and our community."

- Briana Vieke

"People always ask me if I could live my life without hemophilia, would I, but I wouldn’t because I think it has shaped me to who I am today."

- Matt Stinger

"A bleeding disorder is not a death sentence. You can either get bitter or you can get better."

- John Gale