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Patient Notification System
  The industry-wide Patient Notification System informs people when a blood product is withdrawn or recalled.

Everyone should register with the Patient Notification System so they can be directly notified when adverse conditions occur with blood products.

The system is being administered by the National Notification Center. The identity of those individuals who have registered is completely confidential.

Participating companies involved in the system are:
Alpha Therapeutics
Baxter Healthcare
Bayer Corporation
 CSL Behring
Genetics Institute
The American Red Cross

Each person who registers with the Patient Notification System will select how they wish to be notified—telephone, express delivery letter, fax or e-mail. All participants will then receive a follow-up first-class letter back-up. Participants can also select which products they wish to be notified about.

The system is available by telephone for updates and news at 800-UPDATE-U. There is also a Web site at

Register with the Patient Notification System now!

by phone: 888-873-2838 (888-UPDATE-U)
online Enrollment:
fax registration forms to: 1-800-442-2906
mail registration forms to:
  National Notification Center
  20 N. Meridian Street, Suite 300
  Indianapolis, IN 46204

Register now to be directly notified of a recall or withdrawal. Stay informed!

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