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Blood Safety News

Blood Safety News for March 2014 eNotes

UK Scientists Improve vCJD Blood Test

Blood Safety News for June 2013 eNotes

Canada Eases Restrictions on MSM Blood Donations

Blood Safety News for October 2012 eNotes

Australian Scientists Report Breakthrough in vCJD Test

Blood Safety News for June 2012 eNotes

Government Studies’ Data To Determine Possible Reversal of MSM Blood Donation Ban

Blood Safety News for October 2011 eNotes

UK Lifts Lifetime Ban on Blood Donations from MSM

Blood Safety News for September 2011 eNotes

CDC Reports Transmission of Babesia in Blood Transfusions

Blood Safety News for March 2011 eNotes

UK Scientists Create vCJD Blood Test

New Plasma Test Screens for Parvovirus B19 and Hepatitis A

Blood Safety News for January 2011 eNotes

Red Cross Bans Blood Donations from CFS Patients

FDA Committee Discusses Emerging Blood Supply Threats

NHF Comments on Biosimilars Approval Process

Blood Safety News for December 2010 eNotes

Rare Case of Transfusion-Transmitted HIV Infection Reported

Blood Safety News for August 2010 eNotes

Federal Blood Safety Committee Reviews Donor Deferral Rules

Blood Safety News for July 2010 eNotes

American Red Cross Fined More Than $16 Million for Blood Safety Violations

Blood Safety News for June 2010 eNotes

MSM Blood Donor Deferral Policy

Media Advisory: Joint Statement Regarding MSM Blood Donor Deferral Policy

CDC Scientists Profile Threats to Blood Safety

FDA Announces Revised vCJD Industry Guidelines

Blood Safety News for May 2010 eNotes

NHF’s Response to PPTA Call for Comments on Plasma Standards

NHF Supports Dublin Consensus Statement

Blood Safety News for April 2010 eNotes

Health Agencies Investigating Possible Transmission of XMRV via Blood Supply

Blood Safety News for March 2010 eNotes

CDC Announces New Surveillance System

Blood Safety News for February 2010 eNotes

FDA’s vCJD Assessment Model Shows Increased Risk

Blood Safety News for December 2009 eNotes

CDC Reports West Nile Virus Transmission Modes

Limited Use of vCJD Filter in UK Criticized

Blood Safety News for October 2009 eNotes

Company Reports on vCJD Blood Test at WFH Forum in Montreal

Blood Safety News for September 2009 eNotes

NHF Releases Position on Biosimilars

Blood Safety News for August 2009 eNotes

FDA Releases Plasma Screening Guidelines for Parvovirus B19

CEO Represents NHF at Blood Products Advisory Committee Meeting

Blood Safety News for July 2009 eNotes

NHF CEO Meets with FDA

NHF Submits Testimony to TSEAC

Blood Safety News for June 2009 eNotes

FDA Investigation Reveals Heparin Cases Were Isolated

Blood Safety News for May 2009 eNotes

Concerns Raised as H1N1 Influenza A (Swine Flu) Cases are Reported in 41 States

Blood Safety News for April 2009 eNotes

FDA Committee Discusses Additional Blood Safety Measures for Donors

Blood Safety News for March 2009 eNotes

Report Calls for Compensation for UK Blood Scandal Victims

Blood Safety News for February 2009 eNotes

Lawsuits by Taiwanese Hemophilia Patients to Proceed in US Court

UK Government Continues Withholding Blood Contamination Evidence

Blood Safety News for January 2009 eNotes

Variant vCJD Case Prompts Fears of New Cases

FDA Approves First Nucleic Acid Test for HIV in Donated Plasma and Tissue

Blood Safety News for November 2008 eNotes

Blood and Product Safety: Everyone’s Responsibility

Blood Safety News for October 2008 eNotes

FDA Reports Low Risk for Heparin Contamination in Factor Products

Scottish Researchers Demonstrate TSE-Infection via Blood Donations

Blood Safety News for September 2008 eNotes

Scottish Man Accuses Physician of Withholding HIV Diagnosis

Blood Safety News for February 2008 eNotes

Unusual vCJD Case Diagnosed in UK

Japanese Victims of HCV Blood Scandal To Receive Compensation

Canadian Government Drops Remaining Charges Against Perrault

Blood Safety News for December 2007 eNotes

The Need for Continued Vigilance—Organizations Publish Open Letter on Blood Safety Issues

FDA Alerts DDAVP Manufacturers of Prescribing Information Change

Blood Safety News for October 2007 eNotes

FDA-Approved Test Could Improve Safety Record of Platelet Transfusions

FDA Approves Second West Nile Screening Test

Scottish Researcher Warns That vCJD Remains a Threat

Blood Safety News for September 2007 eNotes

Irish Government Briefing Provides Update on Compensation Payments

Blood Safety News for July 2007 eNotes

UK Government Knew Blood Was Contaminated, Inquiry Shows

Blood Safety News for March 2007 eNotes

UK Survey Shows Respondents Favor vCJD Blood Test

Public Inquiry to Examine UK Blood Scandal

Iraqi Red Crescent Society Sues Drug Companies

Japanese Courts Order Drug Companies to Pay Hepatitis C Compensation

vCJD Risk Information Available on New FDA Web Page

Enhanced Screening System for West Nile Virus Receives FDA Approval

Blood Safety News for February 2007 eNotes

USDA Closes Only Mad Cow Disease Testing Laboratory in Northwest

Researchers Suspect Possible Viral Cause of BSE

Robot Streamlines Hemophilia Lab in Canada

Blood Safety News for January 2007 eNotes

New UK Case of vCJD Infection through Transfusion

U.S. Weighs Blood Safety and Supply Concerns

Genetically Engineered Cattle Are Potentially Resistant to Mad Cow Disease


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2005 Blood Safety News Archive

2004 Blood Safety News Archive


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