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Nurses Working Group

This section is a resource for nurses who treat individuals will bleeding disorders. The content is provided by the Nursing Working Group of the National Hemophilia Foundation.

This section includes a bibliography of print resources, a directory of NHF Nursing Working Group members and a PowerPoint section that has important downloadable slide presentations, including a primer for nurses entering the field of bleeding disorders treatment and care.

Be sure to check back for updates as this section will continue to develop over the next several months.

NHF's Nursing Working Group
The Nursing Working Group is a sub-group of the NHF's Medical and Scientific Advisory Council (MASAC). The original statement of goals and policies of the Nursing Working Group (known then as the Nursing Committee) was endorsed by MASAC and approved by the NHF Board of Directors in 1977.

Purpose of the NHF Nursing Working Group:

  • Enhance and promote standards of hemophilia, bleeding disorders, and thrombophilia nursing practice.
  • Support and foster the professional development of hemophilia, bleeding disorders, and thrombophilia nursing through education, collaboration and nursing research.
  • Act as an advisory body to the Medical and Scientific Advisory Council (MASAC) of NHF for nursing practice in bleeding disorders care, education and research.
  • Facilitate health promotion and education within the bleeding disorders community.

NHF's larger Nursing Network is a professional organization open to all nurses from federally funded hemophilia treatment centers providing coordination and treatment to people with bleeding disorders. Nursing Network regional representatives to the Nursing Working Group (NWG) are elected from federally funded hemophilia treatment centers.