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Previous Social Work Excellence Fellowship Recipients

2008-2009 Recipients

Laurel Pennick, LCSW (left) and
Maria Iannone, MA (right)
Arizona Hemophilia and Thrombosis Treatment Center, Tucson, AZ


“The Prevalence and Risk Factors for Depression in Adults with Hemophilia”

Despite the fact that adults with hemophilia fit the profile of a population at high risk for experiencing depression, not to mention the significant impact of depression on their overall well-being, there are almost no studies in the literature to document the incidence of depression for these patients. This study is designed to document the prevalence of depression in adults with hemophilia at our treatment center and to evaluate risk factors for depression in these patients as well as patients from Region VIII who have completed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Quality of Life questionnaire. Evaluation of the information collected is expected to show that a significant percentage of adults with hemophilia are experiencing symptoms of depression. The Arizona Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center plans to use this information to apply for future funding to support the development of a depression care management plan, which will be incorporated into standard care





2009 – 2010                         Jacqueline Lefkowitz, LCSW, MA, MSW

New York Weill Cornell Center

New York, New York


Project Title:          Women with Severe and Moderate Hemophilia A and B and Other Bleeding Disorders: A Grounded Theory Study


2008 – 2009                         Maria Eannone, MA and Laurel Pennick, LCSW

The University of Arizona

Tucson, Arizona


Project Title:          The Prevalence and Risk Factors for Depression in Adults with Hemophilia


2006 – 2007                         Jenny J. Purdy, MSW and Dana M. Stephens, MS

Comprehensive Bleeding Disorders Center

Peoria, Illinois


Project Title:          Illinois Amish Outreach Project

This is a joint Nursing Excellence Fellowship and Social Work Excellence Fellowship.


2005 – 2006                         Jacqueline M. Lefkowitz, MA, MSW

New York Presbyterian Hospital

New York, New York


Project Title:          Females with Moderate and Severe Hemophilia

A or B


2004 – 2005                         Edward J. Kuebler, LMSW-ACP

Gulf States Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center

Houston, Texas


Project Title:          Obesity in Hemophilia: Prevalence and Risk Factors


2002 – 2003                         Kelly A. Williams, MSW

Harold R. Roberts Comprehensive Hemophilia Diagnostic and Treatment Center, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, North Carolina


Project Title:          Identifying Contributing Factors of Emotional/Behavioral Problems in Children with Hemophilia


2000 – 2001                         Frances Wayne Richards, MSW, LCSW

University of Missouri

Columbia, Missouri


Project Title:          Taking Charge - The Effect of Participation in an Individualized Exercise Program on the Self-Esteem and Belief in Self-Efficacy of Pre-Adolescents and Adolescents with Bleeding Disorders


1999 – 2000                         Karyn B. Walsh, BA, MSW, LCSW

Virginia Commonwealth UniversityMedical College of Virginia

Richmond, Virginia


Project Title:          Psychosocial Variables Which Influence Adherence with Prophylactic Therapy in Persons with Bleeding Disorders


1999 – 2000                         Sue du Treil, MSW

Tulane University School of Medicine

New Orleans, Louisiana


Project Title:          Psychosocial Research of Depressive Indicators in Adolescent Hemophilia Patients with Hepatitis C Who Are on Interferon Therapy