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Find Patient Assistance Programs to Help Cover Your Insurance Costs


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Find Patient Assistance Programs to Help Cover Your Insurance Costs

August 28, 2014
Find Patient Assistance Programs to Help Cover Your Insurance Costs

While the Affordable Care Act did many great things to provide access to healthcare coverage for the bleeding disorders community, affordability still remains an issue for many.  There are some excellent resources to assist our community, whether it is to help cover your private insurance premiums or other out-of-pocket insurance costs, help pay utility bills in an emergency or services that can link you to local resources in your own community. 

NHF's public policy team gathered and compiled information about these patient assistance programs, including general eligibility criteria and contact information.  Eligibility criteria and coverage for these programs frequently change, so we will periodically update the document as we receive information about any changes.  Many of these programs have representatives available to answer any questions you may have about your eligibility or to direct you to other resources that may be available. 

While these programs are an invaluable resource for our community, there are some situations in which you may not be able to use the assistance.  Unfortunately, in the past several months some insurers in a few states (Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, Louisiana, and New York) have decided that they will not accept assistance payments from third parties, such as some of the assistance programs listed in this document, for health plans that were purchased in the health insurance marketplaces.  Others have recently indicated that they have or are considering changing their policy on accepting manufacturer co-pay cards for plans purchased outside the marketplace, such as employer-sponsored plans.  This creates some obvious hardship for our community.  NHF will continue to address this issue with the private insurers that have changed their policies.