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The Partners in Bleeding Disorders Education Program


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The Partners in Bleeding Disorders Education Program

The Partners in Bleeding Disorders Education Program

The PartnersTM in Bleeding Disorders Education is a collaborative program of the Indiana Hemophilia & Thrombosis Center, National Hemophilia Foundation and Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan. The program was established in 1996 to promote excellence in care through education. Created by, and for, the federally funded Hemophilia Treatment Center (HTC) Network – comprised of providers from a variety of disciplines serving patients with bleeding and other coagulation disorders – our goal is to provide the most comprehensive, broad-based education available for the HTC Network in North America. Funding to support the Partners in Bleeding Disorders Education Programs is provided through an unrestricted educational grant from Baxter Healthcare Corporation.

The Partners programs offer comprehensive education for HTC staff, both in person and online. The expanded curriculum includes components for HTC disciplines such as nursing, physical therapy, and social work. Partners programs are tailored to various levels of expertise and offered free of charge to qualified participants.

Partners Basic

Basic covers valuable, hands-on training through observation of the Indiana Hemophilia & Thrombosis Center’s (IHTC) comprehensive clinic. Basic is limited to a small number of participants to ensure a personal, interactive learning experience. Basic is conducted over two-and-a-half days and supplements clinical observation of the multidisciplinary IHTC staff with classroom training and a post-clinic conference.

Partners Advanced

Advanced I and II expand on the Basic curriculum to meet the needs of experienced care providers who are confident with independent decision-making for bleeding disorders patients. Advanced supplements classroom learning with a variety of applied learning techniques such as in-depth case studies, discussions and team problem-solving. The classroom portion of the Advanced programs takes place over two days, and curricula are tailored to achieve the needs and interests of the group.

Partners PRN™

PRN is a new, flexible, online learning program that enables care providers to meet training and educational needs in a quick, cost-effective manner through the convenience of the web. PRN offers dynamic, web-based access to selected educational content as well as flexibility for content revision, expansion and improvement. Learning content includes instruction and support for projects and protocols such as the Universal Data Collection (UDC) and other national priorities and initiatives.

Presentation Skills Workshops

Presentation Skills Workshops are offered once per year in conjunction with the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) annual meeting. The program is offered in two tracks: Prep the Presenter, for individuals working within the HTC network who want to improve their presentation skills, and Train the Trainer, for current and prospective Partners faculty.

For program eligibility requirements, detailed course information, access to online learning modules, and more, visit us at: