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Welcome to NHF's information pages on bleeding disorders.

Designed to provide essential information about bleeding disorders, this site provides answers about the nature of many disorders, their symptoms and treatments. It also offers information for the newly diagnosed, educators and childcare providers and more.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact HANDI, NHF's information service, by e-mail ( or phone (800-42-HANDI) from 9AM to 5PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. When sending an e-mail, please mention what specific type of bleeding disorder you or your family member has and include as much detail about your question as possible. For more information about HANDI, NHF's information service, click here.

The information contained on the NHF web site is provided for your general information only. NHF does not give medical advice or engage in the practice of medicine. NHF under no circumstances recommends particular treatment for specific individuals and in all cases recommends that you consult your physician or local treatment center before pursuing any course of treatment.
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