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Newly Diagnosed

Did you feel a little like you were robbed when you learned your child had hemophilia or a bleeding disorder?

It's completely natural. Something valuable was stolen—your sense of security about your child's health. It's no fault of your own, but you're left feeling injured and angry. It's normal to feel shock, denial, anger, guilt, then you at last accept the diagnosis.

But remember, the difference between a victim and being victimized is your control over the situation. How you handle a diagnosis of a bleeding disorder will determine whether you will be victimized by it or take control of your life.

This section covers a tremendous amount of information for newly diagnosed. There is much more available, too. You'll learn a lot and that's good. You have a bleeding disorder, but unless you let it, a bleeding disorder doesn't have you.

NHF also has publications available for individuals and families newly diagnosed with a bleeding disorder, click here for a list of publications.

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