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In School

Ensuring your child is happy, confident and physically well in school is a team effort. Meet with school staff, including teacher, principal, office secretary, physical education teacher, and school nurse. If possible, include your hemophilia treatment center nurse coordinator.

People with no experience of bleeding disorders know extremely little about them. Offer the staff children's books as an introduction. Don't overload them with information. Make sure they know how to reach you at all times.

If you leave educational material with school officials, it's a good idea to attach your child's photo to it.

Work out a plan with teachers and the school nurse for how to identify a problem, when to call you and what to do.

Teachers should avoid overprotection, singling out your child, denial of hemophilia or bleeds, and overreaction.

Keep the school nurse up to date with your child's health.

Your child may miss school at times. When they have a bleed or hospitalization, you can keep them up in their schoolwork. Alert teachers that the child may miss some school. Ask a tutor to help out. Other options for people having difficulty keeping up with schoolwork are home schooling and tutoring.

Your child may realize how different he is as he interacts with peers. He may deal with feeling different by ignoring bleeds or crying wolf. This is a normal part of development.

Teach your child nonviolent ways to handle bullies.

Help your child develop strong self-esteem by teaching him about hemophilia in an age-appropriate way, by sharpening skills, and by finding activities in which he can excel.

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