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Hemophilia Treatment Centers

Hemophilia treatment centers are located in cities across the United States and other countries. To find the one closest to you, or to get a U.S. Hemophilia Treatment Centers Directory, contact NHF.

The goal of the hemophilia treatment center is to keep your child healthy and strong and to minimize complications from bleeding. The center provides specialty care and is available to act as a resource to your family's regular doctor or dentist.

Members of the care team at HTCs include:

Hematologists—specialists in disorders of the blood.

Pediatricians—specialists in caring for infants, young children, and teenagers.

Nurses—specialists in hemophilia care, nurses often coordinate the treatment team. The nurse is probably the person you will see most frequently.

Social Workers—specialists who assist you with the issues of daily living, such as adjusting to hemophilia and locating resources (e.g., insurance, transportation, housing, etc.).

Physical therapists—specialists in activity, exercise, and rehabilitation.

Orthopedists—specialists in disorders of the bones and joints.

Dentists—specialists in disorders of the teeth and gums. The dentists at HTCs are experts in treating children with oral bleeding problems.

You and your child are also members of the treatment team. The staff needs your input to develop a plan of care that will keep your child healthy, active, and able to live successfully with the challenge of hemophilia.

To find an HTC near you, contact HANDI at 800-42-HANDI or

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