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A list of several national and international resources for more information about bleeding disorders includes:

The National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF)
NHF seeks to enhance the quality of life and promote the health of people with bleeding disorders. With 47 chapters nationwide, NHF engages in a number of activities. It supports clinical research and provides education to professionals, the bleeding disorders community, and the public at large. It also delivers patient and community services, advocates on behalf of the bleeding disorders community, and makes health policy recommendations. Finally, it addresses HIV and related health problems and offers a range of information services and publications through HANDI, its information center. Click here to learn more about NHF.

This is an information center for bleeding disorders professionals and consumers. HANDI produces and distributes a variety of materials. It responds to over 7,000 calls per year asking for information on many subjects, including new issues like genetic engineering, genetic testing options, recently approved treatments, and blood safety technologies. HANDI's information specialists handle telephone requests from 9AM to 6PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. Click here to learn more about HANDI and its publications.

Local Chapters
The 47 local chapters of NHF provide materials, information, advocacy, help in accessing appropriate health services, links to emotional support, financial assistance, and other services. Click here to learn more or contact NHF's HANDI at 800-42-HANDI or

Hemophilia Treatment Centers (HTCs)
Hemophilia Treatment Centers offer comprehensive medical and psychosocial resources for persons with bleeding disorders. They also offer risk reduction information and counseling, HIV education, resource materials, and referrals to other agencies. To find an HTC nearest you, contact NHF's HANDI.

On the World Wide Web
NHF has collected a variety of online resources for your convenience. Click here to visit our WWW Resources page.

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