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Chief Executive Officer

Since becoming the CEO of the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) in 2008, Val Bias has lead the organization to the forefront of the healthcare reform debate on such issues as the elimination of lifetime caps and pre-existing conditions with insurers.  In addition, he has greatly expanded the NHF’s research agenda and created the Women’s Health and Bleeding Disorders Institute to address the growing needs for awareness and treatment for women with bleeding disorders.

Before becoming CEO, Bias maintained a long and meaningful history with the National Hemophilia Foundation, from his service as NHF's Board Chair in 1992 to his tenure as volunteer, consultant, and advocate to NHF, culminating with the passage of the Ricky Ray Hemophilia Relief Act of 1998.

In the last decade, through volunteer commitments in advocacy and blood safety and by his professional commitments in leadership and organizational training, Bias has established a solid reputation as a true consensus builder, collaborator and trusted leader in the bleeding disorders community.

Bias has a track record of success with the broad and complex community in which NHF operates. He has interfaced with key decision makers in executive and legislative branches of federal government and has long-standing working relationships with such federal agencies as the CDC, NIH and FDA. In addition, Bias is known and respected by hemophilia treatment centers and NHF chapters across the country.

Prior to joining NHF, Bias served the bleeding and clotting disorders community in the following ways:

  • Executive Director, Hemophilia Council of California
  • CEO/Co-Founder, Compass Non-Profit Consulting Services
  • Managing Consultant, The Bias Group
  • Consultant, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Consultant, MARC Associates (Lobbyists for NHF in DC)
  • Associate Executive Director, Berkeley/Albany YMCA
  • Board President, Hemophilia Foundation of Northern CA (HFNC)
  • Co-Director, Camp Hemotion, HFNC Residential Summer Camp