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Ethical Concepts & Compass


Have you ever been in a situation where there was a choice to be made to determine if something was right or wrong, and all options seemed awkward or problematic? Maybe it was at work with a colleague. Maybe it was personal between you and a family member. How did you decide what to do? Maybe you didn’t. Did you say something? This is what ethics is all about…making difficult decisions.

Ethic is defined as rules of behavior based on ideas about what is morally good and bad.  Societies, companies, organizations, and individuals may use ethical theories to guide their choices or actions. Ethics is mainly based on moral values, virtues, rights, and obligations.

When trying to resolve ethical problems we usually ask a primary question – What is good? What is right? Or what is the best practice in this situation? This is followed by a secondary question of action – What should I do? Or who should I be? These questions together become a theory concerning the moral correctness of conduct.  Ethical principles have been used as rules or guidelines to help determine what is right and wrong or best for ourselves or our community – which in turn influences our behavior.

The mission of the Ethics Working Group (EWG)  is to promote integrity and ethical behavior in the bleeding disorders community. The EWG  does not wish to become involved in the details of each issue, but instead to identify trends and patterns where there may be a breach in ethical behavior. The EWG is not a regulatory group but we may provide guidance or “best practice” recommendations to help others deal with questionable ethical situations.




Ethical Moral Compass