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NHF’s Guiding Principles for Corporate Partnerships

In order to improve NHF’s overall capacity to fulfill mission-related activities such as public and profes­sional education and information, research, and to enhance the fundraising effort, which is indispensable for supporting these programs, NHF will accept corporate support within the following guidelines:

The corporate relationship must have a meaningful benefit to NHF’s mission and its con­stituents.

  • NHF retains sole discretion for the content, quality, scientific and educational integrity of all sponsored programs.
  • NHF agrees to report on the progress of programs and to report how donors’ support is used to advance the organization’s mission.
  • NHF will not endorse any product for financial gain and/or as part of any business/corpo­rate relationship as defined in this policy.
  • Any use of the NHF name, logo, and identifying marks in the corporation’s promotional or educational materials must be approved by NHF in writing in advance of the use. The use of the NHF name/logo and identifying marks should be specific as to usage and a defined period of time or the length of funding period. NHF retains the sole discretion to deter­mine the use of its name, logo, and identifying marks.
  • NHF may grant exclusive rights to a corporation for a particular activity for a specified time period if there is sufficient benefit to the NHF and public, and there is no prohibition against the NHF engaging in different types of activities with competing corporations. Furthermore, while exclusivity may be granted to one company in a certain industry, spon­sors will be accepted from other sectors. For our partners in the pharmaceutical sector, exclusivity may be accepted under any of the following circumstances:

    1) if others have been given the opportunity to express an interest but no two companies were willing to co-sponsor the required amount, or

    2) the financial need for a specific project is met by an initial offering. When a company has exclusively sponsored a program or publication, they will have first right to extend the sponsorship to the next time period, providing the pledged sponsorship matches or surpasses the amount required.

  • While NHF accepts financial support and other benefits from corporations, NHF will always exercise independent judgment in all its decision-making.
  • NHF will not enter into a relationship with a product or corporation that is inconsistent with NHF’s principles, public position, policies or standards.
  • NHF shall have written guidelines that will protect the privacy of individuals that partici­pate in its corporate relations activities and/or programs.
  • NHF reserves the right to terminate the funding relationship in the event of any perceived conflict of interest.