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NHF/Novo Nordisk HANDI Library

NHF/Novo Nordisk HANDI Library

Over the past 20 years, HANDI has amassed a resource collection that now consists of more than 13,000 items.  This collection is the premier resource library in the U.S. and around the world for patrons seeking information about the history of hemophilia, or general information about all inherited bleeding disorders.

To ensure that this valuable resource continues to stay relevant and meet today’s need for rapid information; NHF is pleased to announce the newly-named “NHF/Novo Nordisk HANDI Library”, in recognition of Novo Nordisk's outstanding financial contribution to an exciting modernization project for HANDI. This vital support from Novo Nordisk will make possible increased response time for inquiries and broader expansion of resources available to those who use this critical service.

NHF expresses its gratitude to Novo Nordisk for their significant contribution and ongoing support of our mission.