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Lacramioara Ivanciu

Lacramioara Ivanciu

Dr. Ivanciu has been a post-doctoral fellow in Dr. Rodney Camire's laboratory in the CHOP division of hematology since May 2008. Prior to this, she received her MS and Ph.D. from the University of Bucharest in Romania.

She is the recipient of several distinctions, including the award from the American Society of Hematology. Dr. Ivanciu has presented her research at numerous academic. Dr. Ivanciu's research focuses on the design of novel bypass agents for the treatment of hemophilia. Her work with Dr. Camire seeks to expand scientific understanding of FXa variants and provide new clues on how to improve the biological response to vascular injury in bleeding disorders patients.

As a JGP fellow, Dr. Ivanciu will take advantage of the resources available at CHOP to become increasingly proficient in the latest protein biochemical techniques. She says that this opportunity will help her to become an even more versatile scientist.

In the long-term, Dr. Ivanciu's goals include the establishment of an independent research laboratory to focus on better understanding the pathological consequences of disruptions in the hemostatic balance. She believes that, as a JGP fellow, she will be in a unique position to make meaningful contributions to the field of hematology and possibly help advance new therapies for the treatment of hemophilia.