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The agenda for each meeting is forthcoming.

This year there were six educational tracks specifically tailored for the groups listed below.

Overview of Each Track: 

Hot Topics: Come together with other Inhibitor Summit attendees to discuss a variety of pressing issues in the inhibitor community.

Fundamentals of Inhibitors: This may be your first time at a summit and everything is new, or you need a refresher on the basics of living with an inhibitor. This track is just for you -- to help you and your family get your footing and introduce you to resources and tools to help you manage life with an inhibitor.

Seasoned Families: Facing hemophilia with an inhibitor is tough, and sometimes it seems like the inhibitor just won’t go away. You and your family might feel like you’ve been through it all—some would say that you’re “seasoned.” In our agenda, you will see sessions that are tailored for families that think of themselves as “seasoned”—facing an active an inhibitor for what might seem like an eternity.

Teens: Growing up is hard enough as it is, and everyone is just trying to figure it out. Adding an inhibitor on top of that – whether it’s yours or a sibling’s – is a lot to deal with. The sessions in this track are here to help you along that road.

Affected Adults: As an adult with an inhibitor you already have a pretty good sense of living with your inhibitor and all that it brings. These sessions serve as a space for you to share your stories with other affected adults, gain new information, talk about your experiences, and learn and grown with other people who just get it.

Support Network (non-parents): We all need help sometimes and, as a support person for someone with an inhibitor, you’re well aware of that. But sometimes we forget to care for the caregiver, too. These sessions will focus on helping you support the affected person while also being comfortable and confident living your own life.