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National Steering Committee

The Inhibitor Summit & Viviendo con Inhibidores agenda has been carefully designed by our National Steering Committee. Continuing this year, we have teen representatives to develop the teen programming. The committee met to plan the Summits based on participant evaluations from last year’s Summits, and the latest trends in hemophilia and inhibitor treatment options.

Each Summit attendee will be required to complete an evaluation form so that the Steering Committee can continue to build programs that are meaningful for future attendees. The amazing Steering Committee members are:



Tammuella “Tami” Chrisentery Singleton, MD
Louisiana State University School of Medicine

Tyler W. Buckner, MD, MSc
University of Colorado, Denver



Toni Deaton, RN, BSN
Oklahoma Center for Bleeding & Clotting Disorders

Dana Francis, MSW
University of California, San Francisco Medical Center

Jennifer Newman, PT, MSPT
University of North Carolina Hemophilia Treatment Center

Sandra Valdovinos-Heredia, LCSW, MSW
Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles
Viviendo con Inhibidores Steering Committee member

Anthony Haugebrook
Bleeding disorders community member

Elizabeth Cedeno
Bleeding disorders community member

Janite Grooms
Bleeding disorders community membe

Josiah Walker
Bleeding disorders community member

Isabella Cedeno
Bleeding disorders community member