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CONNECT for Bleeding Disorders

CONNECT is a dynamic group of professionals from a variety of backgrounds, committed to utilizing their skills, resources and connections to help raise funds and awareness for the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF).

What We Do

Members volunteer their time, talents and skills to raise funds and identify other resources to advance the mission of NHF. Members are involved in fundraising activities and events and help to broaden NHF’s base of support.

Become a Connect Member

Members are willing to commit to the following:

  • Contribute annual membership fee of $50
  • Raise funds for NHF
  • Utilize their personal and professional networks to identify (financial and other) resources for NHF
  • Attend fundraising events and participate in planning
  • Fulfill service commitment (via a variety of volunteer opportunities)
  • Be an ambassador for the organization and promote awareness of its mission

Membership Benefits

As part of an elite group of NYC-area professionals, members will:

  • Expand their social and professional networks
  • Become affiliated with one of the most well-respected national health organizations in the country
  • Have the opportunity to take on project-specific leadership roles, with the opportunity to also hold national leadership roles within the organization
  • Receive discounted tickets to NHF fundraising events